Friends of Science Lurking Behind Monckton

Rush on over to Deep Climate for the full story on the Canadian tour of Christopher Walter, Third Viscount Monckton of Brenchley. Apparently the thoroughly discredited Friends of Science are behind the tour, which includes eastern Canadian stops in Ottawa and Toronto and a particular crush of events in Calgary.

Although one of the Calgary events shows the Calgary Herald as a sponsor, Deep Climate suspects that the Calgary Foundation might once again be sluicing oily money through the “Friends” organization to help continue the campaign of climate disinformation.


Richard, thanks for the plug on this story - it’s much appreciated. I’m hoping someone in the mainstream media will start asking the right questions about the Monckton tour, Friends of Science involvement, and most importantly, who is ultimately providing the financial support.

Just a gentle correction on the Calgary Herald: my impression is that the Herald is a media sponsor for the Calgary Chamber of Commerce in general, and not a sponsor of the specific Monckton event. As media sponsor, the Herald would provide some (but not all) advertising to the Chamber for free. So there is no money flowing from the Herald to the Chamber - quite the opposite. At least that’s how it seems to me.


Oh boy, I’m so happy Monckton is out there telling people the truth. You bozo clowns are finished, the Bamster is not going to get any kind of climate bill done because nobody believes in global warming anymore. The CO2 is goin up but that dang temperature refuses to cooperate. HOHOHOHO, MERRY CHRISTMAS! On a side note, I love how people on this site complain about funding, you people have much better funding so quit complaining. The oil companies give you money too.

The total blindness of the AGW crowd is amazing.

No troposphere heating

CO2 follows temperature in ice cores

Outbound long wave radiation still abundant, ie, CO2 not effective stopping it

Earth is cooling despite AGW crowd maipulating the numbers

The 30 year warming cycle is largely explained by ENSO

New warming/cooling theories put forward, and do a much much better job of prediction

AGW and CO2 is so so stale, except to the zealots.

Not one reference for all these erudite scientific pronouncements. Maybe they are actually STALE rehashes from denier web sites?

try a listen and see what you think. Note that EPA listens.. why not you?

Imagine, not knowing the basic facts about ice cores, continuing outbound long wave radiation, no troposphere warming as per “models”, and the fact that the earth is cooling despite CO2 going up.

Everyone should by now be aware that the CO2 global warming hypothesis is SO past due date science. Now its all about clouds, galactic cosmic rays, sun variability, solar system gravitational, and magnetic influences.

It is actually an exciting time for REAL science.

It’s like reading that Charles Manson, far from being a kindly California folk-rock legend, was really backed by the Jim Jones cult!!

Or that the Salvadoran death squads weren’t a glee club, they actually supported Alfredo Stroesser!

I am just surprised anything with science in its NAME would lurk behind Monckton.

Maybe not to this site but Exxon gave money to a Stanford research group that promoted global warming. Frankly, I don’t care where the money comes from but it’s appalling that these people complain about their counterparts funding when they’re side gets much much more money

… and I know you’re not fond of subtletly, but climate scientists get money to do research, to advance the state of human knowledge. Think tanks and lobbyists get money to do sleazy PR, to lie about the state of human knowledge. You may think that’s a fine distinction, but it could turn out to be important, don’t you think?

So your telling me you guys don’t have think tanks and lobbyists? Enron…hello! Goldman Sachs…hello! This is what I agree with you about. We cannot put CO2 into the air forever but we won’t anyway. We don’t need this whole movement to reach the known conclusion which is that the supply of oil will dwindle. Why not let the people at Exxon and other “energy specialists” handle the situation though?

you might think dwindling fossil fuel supply would be running the show - but it seems there is more of the black stuff than we thought

Richard beat me to it, but that’s the critical point, Shooshmon. Exxon et al are fully aware of the science, and their own consultants are telling them that the science is good. Acting against all of the best advice available and known facts from reliable sources is the classic definition of Folly. Actively encouraging others to do so is (or should be) a valid definition of Crime. Fern

Read about the fraud involved in the second temperature hockey stick.

Where are Suzuki and Weaver.. why are they not weighing in and DEMANDING the release of data and methods for so called “peer” reviewed” articles.

The IPCC now MUSY admit that the medieval warming period was in fact warmer, just as they had it prior to the first bogus hockey stick..

Thus there is no reason to believe that CO2 has caused ANY of the warming ascribed to it.

Nope.. you play with a broken hockey stick.. you go to the penalty box!

Maybe S Harper will now call a spade a spade and say that the CO2 science is not at all settled, and if anything, has failed so often that the evidence is that there is next to no warming that can be ascribed to it.

Can Weaver and Suzuki be honest enough to admit to the above? I doubt it.. too many $$$ to rake in from the cool aid drinkers. Books still selling, despite misleading material in them.