Full commenting re-opened on DeSmogBlog

Regular readers may have noticed a slow down in comments on DeSmogBlog over the last while. You may have also run into some difficulties logging into your account and publishing comments.

This was all due to some big upgrades in the functionality of our comment section that had to do mainly with shutting down the spam-bots that seem to enjoy visiting our site.

We have re-opened all commenting functions and if you were running into problems posting comments you shouldn’t now. If you find you’re still having problems send me an email at: [email protected].

We have also added a commenting policy to DeSmogBlog that will hopefully encourage a more meaningful conversation and avoid some of the massive flame wars that we’ve seen in the past. If you think we’ve missed anything in our comment policy please leave suggestions in a comment below or send me an email.


…to look at a post and see threads of legitimate, intelligent comments, instead of a smattering of the former in amongst the reams of garbage the spam filters would have to unpublish. I’m sure readers saw those as well when they slipped by the filter. There shoud be a special place in Hell for spammers.

The new spam protection service is called Mollom, and it is the best choice for Drupal sites. If you are having problems with spam on your Drupal site, switch to Mollom.

Hope to see a return to the vigorous discussions of the past.

Things are starting to shift in a very hopeful way, and it will be very invigorating to be able to carry on a discussion here as the situation develops during the next few months. 

Yes, it certainly is refreshing. I had to stop even reading the comments on desmog, let alone posting. It just wasn’t worth the effort when it was being swarmed by ignorance and inanity.

Ive found that enabling commenting has a positive effect on readership and encouraging people to interact.

We have it enabled on our site: kids beds. See what a difference it makes. David