Gary England

Gary England


  • B.S., mathematics and meteorology, University of Oklahoma. [1]


Gary England is the chief meteorologist for KWTV Channel 9, the CBS affiliate in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

England has been described as the first person (in 1981) to use commercial Doppler radar to warn the public of tornadoes. He is on Senator Inhofe's list of global warming skeptics.

Stance on Climate Change

“The climate has always been changing and it will most likely always continue to change. In the distant past, we have been much colder than we are now and we have been much warmer than we are now. And all of that happened many times without humans.

“Here in Oklahoma we're a little warmer than we were 30 years ago. Recently we ended a two year drought and it has been replaced with significant, long duration rains. Is all of this a result of global warming? Maybe it is and maybe it isn't. You see, no one really knows. If they say they do, I suggest that person is confused at best or has an agenda at the worst.

“… .As someone said recently, 'It's the Sun stupid!' Recent research suggests that the activity of our Sun combined with cosmic radiation from far outside our galaxy interact with our atmosphere to produce effects never dreamed of a few years ago. Is anything or everything in this paragraph correct? No body really knows.” [2]

Key Quotes

“Climate is changing, always has and most likely always will until that thermonuclear engine in the sky, the sun, goes out.” [3]

“Increased CO2 actually increases crop production,” said England. “When CO2 drops to less than 150 (parts per million) plants will commence failing. If the plants die, then the livestock die and then guess who is next?” [3]

“'With respect to the discussion on global warming, I say there are no simple answers to such an extremely complex issue,' said England. “No matter how many models they wave in the air and no matter how dire their predictions about our impending doom, they don’t know'.” [3]

Key Deeds

Jan 25, 2010

Gary England was described as a “scientist” to speak at a climate change talk hosted by the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association where he was to give a “weatherman's perspective” on the issue of global warming. [4]



Gary England does not appear to have written any scholarly articles or books on climate change.

He has published the following books on weather:

  • Weathering the Storm - Tornadoes, Television & Turmoil (1996).
  • Those Terrible Twisters, (1987).
  • United States Weather, (1976).
  • Oklahoma Weather, (1975).


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