A Global Warning Graduation Speech for the Class of 2099

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Here’s a virtual speech by blogger Dan Bloom addressing Tuft University’s (his alma mater) graduating class of 2099.Interesting piece on what he sees as the future at the end of the next Century.

Good afternoon, Class of 2099,

I can’t be here in person to address you, since I passed into oblivion long ago. But as a member of the graduating class of 1971 at my own beloved alma mater in Boston, I wanted to leave you with a brief message – from the past to the future – about global warming and
climate change.

As the class of 2099, you are about to enter the 22nd Century in a few more months, and you will bring with you not only your university experience but also your career expectations and personal anxieties as citizens living on a planet in the midst of a climate crisis. I’m sure you’ve heard this term a lot in the past four years – “climate crisis” – but you should know that in my days as a student, we never used the phrase. Back then, we had not even heard of the term yet!

Back then, of course, we were focused on terms such as Cold War, nuclear winter, war on poverty, racism, the oil shock, the Middle East situation, and later on, towards of our “three score and ten” on Earth, newer terms such as 911, terrorism and global warming.

I’m not around now, but I hope you can read my message online and perhaps view it on a digital recording in a public library. Before I continue, I just want to take a few moments here to wish you all the best of luck in your future life and the best of health to enjoy the luck that I am wishing for you. May all your dreams come true, and then some!

Members of the Class of 2099, you are living in a very crucial time in the history of humankind. Your world stands at the threshold of a period of human history when very important decisions will have to be made about the use of fossil fuels and the “consume! slash! burn!” lifestyle that you have come to expect.

I wonder: do the names James Lovelock or James Hansen or Al Gore still ring a bell in your generation now, or have new faces and names replaced these far-seeing men? Is that book by Mark Lynas, titled “Six Degrees”, still in print, or has a new besteller on climate change become the must-read of your generation? Is that documentary from 2006, “An Inconvenient Truth”, still in circulation? And what about Leonardo DiCaprio’s “The 11th Hour”? Have you ever heard of the movie, or has it been all but forgotten in your day and age?

By the way, have you men and women of the Class of 2099 heard by now about such global warming adaptation strategies as “sustainable population retreats” in northern regions, once referred to as “polar
cities”? The terms were coined back in 2006 and some people blogge them for a couple of years before mainstream scientists and engineers went even deeper into the concepts involved.

Class of 2099, I want to leave you with seven words: “We must tighten
the noose around coal”.

Dr. Jesse Ausubel of Rockefeller University in the U.S. wrote those words more than 100 years ago, and they were prophetic. Has your world tightened the noose around coal? Has your world started to tackle the vexing problems of overpopulation, climate change and the creation of a sustainable economy? Is global warming something that will shape your future, or are the denialists out there still complaining that it
is a hoax?

Whatever your own personal views are about global warming, pro or con, or just sitting on the fence in the middle of the debate, you should know this: there is not much time left. I hope your generation finds a way to stop the burning of fossil fuels and also finds ways to mitigate the impact of climate change on your future world. I just said that “there is not much time left”. Maybe I should have said “time is running out”. Or maybe I should have said: “Time has run out.”

Whatever. Class of 2099, go out and help create your world. Good luck
and God bless!

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We will know by 2030 whether this boat heads in the right direction or not. If no one is decreasing fossil fuels by then, its an automatic ride with the tipping points gaining momentum.

Wow! This speech was about 100 years ago! Can I even understand it? Will English ( Expository Essay ) even be spoken like this, in 90 years? Chances are, yes. Global warming, ah, i remember that as an issue from the past…leonardo decaprio…who’s he??? as for the war on terrorism, yeah that was just some small stupid war, with the popularity compared ( Exploratory Essay ) to that of Vietnam back in the mid 1900s. What’s there to study, it seems like there is so little information about the war given out by the government during that time…do we even trust that government?

This pathetic piece of crap has been doing the rounds for a while now. It is melodramatic and unsubstanitated rubbish.  I had to force myself to make this post because of its non-relevance. But I did so because it needs to be challenged.


Please could you offer some genuine science that refutes this instead of just making contradictory acidic  remarks?

If you sincerely believe that your post amounts to an intellectual challenge, then you must be even more deluded than revealed by your other posts.

The forecasts based upon various scenarios all look bleak. And the IPCCs forecasts now look dreadfully over-conservative.

Your style of argument seems to be no more valid than http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teMlv3ripSM, except without the laughs.

Global warming, because of the sun, is always going to be natural, it’s how much HUMANS contribute to it that is the issue at hand…can it be fixable? or will it just always be an issue that hangs over all of our heads, demanding utmost attention, and receiving very little?Wow!” _____________________________________________

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Global warming is the rising of temperature of the earth. Well, since then from the Pre-Cambrian era, global warming already exist., Temperature always fluctuate as the time goes by, maybe after that, another ice ages will happen and vice versa.. Well, that is not only the problem that we have to face. Lot of things should tackle, but as of now the crisis itself should put some attention. Are you familiar with Keli Goff./ Keli Goff isn’t the most high profile of authors, but many consider Keli Goff to be an authority.  She is the author of Party Crashing, a book about African American youth culture, and how it declared itself separate and distinct.  She also points out an unpleasant truth of social class in America, and how class determines accessibility to the American Dream.  She points out that high school dropout rates have shot up, and it costs us more per year than the cash advances to AIG.  It’s over $100 million a year, and another student drops out every 30 seconds.  It would be worth a few no fax cash advances to fix the problems Keli Goff  points out.

I think the same.  We have a while before 2099 to see how things turn out.  90 years from now is a long time and anything can turn events.

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