Grilling Clean Coal at the Republican Convention

Blogger Matt Stoller is at the Republican National Convention and he had the chance to ask members of the “coal is the best thing ever” team - bought and paid for by the coal industry - whether they thought coal is actually clean. 

No surprise that they had no idea:

To be fair the women in the video are just the hired help, but it does speak to the idea that this “clean coal” push being conducted by the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE) is not a grassroots-based, average Joe and Jane citizen driven issue, but is instead nothing more than a well-financed greenwashing campaign being conducted by the American coal industry.

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I saw the way you harassed that girl who was working for Clean Coal in St Paul and you should be ashamed of yourself. You are not a journalist and your reports from the field are biased, incomplete and totally deceptive.

Steve, you should tell us what exactly was the harassment that you witnessed – what words were spoken, what actions were taken, etc.

Because – I admit – I can’t think of any sort of “harassment” that’d cause the kind of responses shown in the video.

Please? Pretty please?


Steve, was the harassment like this?

If not, then what exactly was this harassment? Tell us, tell us!

Ugh bi631, now you are harassing Steve! How dare you!

Such inquisitorial interrogation tactics further prove that Al-Goracular Global Warmism is an evil cult! If Steve says the girl was harassed, then the girl was harassed, period!

Steve, Matt asked a very legitimate question about coal to people working to spread a message about coal and if you watch the clip he is very respectful. 

As far as Matt not being a journalist in the traditional sense, he is a well-known online writer and commentator and has every right to do what he does. Are you saying that average citizens should not engage and question in the public arena? 

no - it was kind of amusing. She answered the first question well. For the second question she could have said “It’s cleaner than it used to be - reduced emmissions - and we’re working at making it cleaner yet through such things as ctl - but more work needs to be done” - but saying “I don’t know” and directing the guy to a website was an okay answer too.

As you deduced, we’ve hired some people to help us out during the conventions. But as our street teams said, our media team would love to talk to you on camera or off. We’ll be in the Twin Cities all week.

yeah - those pamphlet hand out girls don’t have any talking points or ready answers - no surprise there.

you could do the same thing with a group handing out stuff about AGW or anything else.

reminds me of Rick Mercer asking Americans questions about Canada or even Jay Leno asking Americans basic questions about the U.S.