Herman Cain at AFP: ‘I am the Koch Brothers’ Brother From Another Mother’

Wow. The GOP's Koch-Cain problem elevates to new heights today. At the Koch-funded Americans For Prosperity event today, Republican presidential contender Herman Cain told it like it is. “I am the Koch brothers’ brother from another mother.” He added, “And proud of it.”

Watch video courtesy of ThinkProgress

Meanwhile, outside the AFP event, a greeting message for the Kochs: “Koch Bros: Fat Cats For Prosperity.”



 George Soros isn’t spreading disinformation on everything environmental, especially global warming.   What the Koch brothers and others are doing will one day be seen as ecocide and genocide on a global scale.  All because these evil doers aren’t satified with their tens of $Billions. 

 The Koch brothers have spread lies about science on everything from tobacco, formaldahyde, global warming and much more.  They outspent Exxon last year, on global warming denial bunk PR.  - about $25 million. 

They are using their money to fight against clean energy and climate change mitigation and other issues in local and state elections and propostions all over the country.  This amounts to an outsider buying an election, that really belongs to locals and residents of that state. 

They have been caught illegally trading with Iran.

They have been caught making illegal payoffs.

Bloomberg reported.  Climate Progress has the story. 


The Koch brothers are extreme right wing ideologues who want no environmental laws at all.


“George Soros isn’t spreading disinformation on everything environmental, especially global warming.”

Actually, he most certainly is.

“Climate Progress has the story.”

I rest my case.


I rest my case, again.

“Actually, he most certainly is.”

Errr, that’s usually followed by an example, or some sort of proof. You do have that don’t you Cuffy?


Herman Cain. The token gesture from the TEA party, so they can pretend they are not a bunch of bigotted racists.

Poor Herman has 2 chances of that support actually manifesting into votes. FA & none.


America is too racist to elect a legitimate black President anyway… maybe in another 20 years. Granted Obama is more black than Bill Clinton but not much more. He’s a half white man raised by white people in the Pacific. No real connection to black American culture other than through marriage.

“America is too racist to elect a legitimate black President anyway”

Don’t build strawmen Rick. I said the TEA Party. Not Americans per se. Obviously Obama won back disenfranchised Democrats & enough Republicans to gain office.

The TEA party largely hail from bible belt ku klux klan confederate America. Their marches look more like an Aryan rally.

“Klu Klux Klan confederate America” has traditionally been the base of Democrats, or “Dixiecrats”, as they are known.

You really don’t seem to have much grasp of history, do you Phil?

Oh yeah sure Cuffy. Those Democrat states are all TEA Party states.




 The connection between DixieCrats and racists in the south is ancient history.

 The Republicans have them all to themselves now.  That’s been true for quite a while.  Like since Civil Rights.

How’s your grasp of history?


 ”The connection between DixieCrats and racists in the south is ancient history.”

Sure, whatever you have to tell yourself.

All I know is that Dr. Martin Luther King, registered Republican, was murdered by James Earl Ray, a registered Democrat, in 1968.  Dr. King was 39.

Leading Democrat senator – and rabid segregationist – Robert Byrd served in office until 2010, when he died of natural causes at the ripe old age of  92.  He was appointed to many important and influential positions by his Democrat coleagues throughout his long and happy career.  President Obama and Vice President Biden had pleasant things to say about Byrd.

That’s what I know of “ancient history” – if, by that, you mean a year ago.

And you get to wear that forever, no matter how blithely you try to dismiss it.


 You give the one example of Sen. Bird.

 I said ‘since’ civil rights.  I would say that when MLK was assasinated, that was ‘during’ civil rights, wouldn’t you?  Those racists in the south, who once voted overwhelmingly for Democrats, now vote overwhelmingly for Republicans.    They never really fit with the rest of the Democrat party.

 To anyone who pays attention, right wing talk show hosts like Hannity, Limbaugh etc, have made careers out of painting Obama as an angry radical blackman. 

Phil getting away with calling a political group bigoted racists … when they all want a black man to win office -  is both nutier than nuts and a handy exposition of the real comment policy here. Thanks for making these things clear Phil.

“Phil getting away with calling a political group bigoted racists …”

Don’t play ignorant Rick.




“when they all want a black man to win office -“

That’s just hilarious Rick. Like i said…two chances.

“and a handy exposition of the real comment policy here.”

You seem to want to invent & frame your own comments policy Rick. Here is a refresher.

DeSmogBlog does not censor comments based on political or ideological points of view. However, we will delete comments that are abusive, off-topic or use offensive language.

When speaking to the state of climate change science, we encourage commenters to include links to supporting information as this helps enrich the conversation. Users who make unsubstantiated claims can expect their posts to be deleted and, if they persist, their account to be deactivated.

Petty name-calling and/or a pattern of disrespect towards other DeSmogBlog users will also result in account deactivation.

Please quote the section I have violated.


My god…. if I see that comments policy reposted one more time I think I’m going to hurl all over my laptop!

Let’s just keep the comments civil and leave it at that, ok?

Yup, and what do want to bet they continue to let Phil get away with it, while Brendan Demelle continues to delete other people’s far more innocuous comments?

Comment policy, my butt.

“while Brendan Demelle continues to delete other people’s far more innocuous comments?”

Actualy, as far as I’m concerned, moderation has finaly picked up & they are doing a good job.

On virtually every thread  an attempt is made by deniers (probably paid private or political lobbyists or as they call it in the industry, an “online communications associate”) to derail the topic of the thread. Those attempts should be identified, nipped in the bud & deleted. Good job I say.

“far more innocuous comments ?Comment policy, my butt.”

Innocuous my butt. Maybe on Fox or right side news.


In Canada, our authoritarian regime called the Harper Government (its no longer the Canadian Government) started trying to control online information;


While they probably don’t want to do that because of the public outcry, there is a proponderance of evidence the oil companies can do exactly that.

How strange, then, that for a “token” (to use your racist terminology), Herman Cain is a very close second to Romney in the polls.

I guess the former Chairman of the RNC, Michael Steele, was also a “token”?

Any other moronic racist observations you’d like to make, Phil?

“How strange, then, that for a “token” (to use your racist terminology), Herman Cain is a very close second to Romney in the polls.”

I’m surprised being a TEA Party fan, that you didn’t mention Ron Paul. Why does everyone want to forget Ron Paul?

What made you choose that Randian name Cuffy? I’m curious?  Strange how those TEA Party assemblies are so white that it looks like Casper had a cloning machine.


Candidate Cain is acting as a lobbyist.  He is paid to influence legislation in a direction required by his masters.   Just as any lobbyist. 

The office he is running for is “Lobbyist in Chief”

Makes more sense to call it that. 


” Candidate Cain is acting as a lobbyist.  He is paid to influence legislation in a direction required by his masters.   Just as any lobbyist. The office he is running for is “Lobbyist in Chief” Makes more sense to call it that.”


Too many left wing groups have built up a false image of the Koch Brothers that they can not understand Cains comments. In reality the Koch Brothers are successful businessmen who support a whole host of intellectual and social groups that build society. Nothing wrong with that, we should wish that the world was filled with more businessmen that want to give back like the Koch Brothers.

Go Cain Go, keep telling it like it is!

From that Bloomberg report on the Koch brothers:

“From 1999 through 2003, Koch Industries was assessed more than $400 million in fines, penalties and judgments.”

“Koch Industries has spent more than $50 million to lobby in Washington since 2006.”


Seems like their change of tack from paying fines for illegal activities to buying politicians who’ll change the laws they were breaking is saving them a lot of money.  Is Cain knowingly underselling himself?

That is a great link OilMan.

I especially like:

“The Kochs are longtime libertarians who believe in drastically lower personal and corporate taxes, minimal social services for the needy, and much less oversight of industry—especially environmental regulation.”

It would be interesting to see if they would be so enthusiastic about Libertarianism if they were not born billionaires. It’s easy to say work hard & you get somewhere in life when you are born a billionaire. Why doesn’t the concrete labourer born into a poor family that works hard get the same as the Koch’s born into a billionaire family? Do the Kochs work harder than that? We don’t have to look far to see the results of a country with relatively no taxes…Greece. Greece has a bloated public sector & next to no taxes.  The USA with it’s bloated public sector CIA, NSA, military would simply implode within a decade with lower personal & corporate taxes. What will you pay a 1 Trillion $$ a year military alone with? Oil vouchers?

and much less oversight of industry—especially environmental regulation”

If we let people with the beliefs of the Koch’s reign supreme, we would have smog so thick you couldn’t cut it, rivers that are dead, forests that are deserts & beaches that are unusable.

“Another former Koch adviser said, “They’re smart. This right-wing, redneck stuff works for them. They see this as a way to get things done without getting dirty themselves.”

I have to agree. Most of their crowds like like they could do with a good dose of SPF 30+ on their necks.


Unable to succeed at home, Koch found work in the Soviet Union. In the nineteen-thirties, his company trained Bolshevik engineers and helped Stalin’s regime set up fifteen modern oil refineries.”

Make your money off communism, then go to the USA & call yourself an American success.




Former Conservative leader here in Australia & current front bencher Malcolm Turnbull has weighed in on the Koch brothers, the BEST report & deniers.

“One of the big financiers of the anti-climate change movement is a family called Koch, K-O-C-H, and they put a lot of money into these climate sceptic organisations and they’ve got big interest in fossil fuels,” Mr Turnbull told the Seven Network on Sunday.

Mr Turnbull said the backers of the study “presumably” hoped to demonstrate climate science was not reliable, and used the results to criticise people who continually question global warming.

“They’re like the guy who gets told by his doctor to stop smoking, lose weight and decides not to do that,” he said.

“He met a mate down the pub who said his Uncle Ernie had lived ‘til 95 but he smoked a packet every day. It’s ridiculous.”


Good on ya Mal. A true Conservative.