Hilarious Conspiracy Movie Features Lesser Canadian Denier

Tim Ball “on the outskirts of civilization”

A Jesse Ventura conspiracy theory video, warning that “global warming is a plot by a powerful cabal out to extort, tax and control you and every one of us,” features an incompetently disguised Dr. Timothy Ball playing the part of a scientist who is hiding “on the outskirts of civilization” in fear for his life.

The video is a production of “Tru TV” - some YouTube wannabe - and it begins with some spooky looking West Coast weather and a ditzy researcher saying, “I admit, I’m worried. Once we’re on the other side, I’ll be out of cell phone range.”

Scary! Except she is quite clearly riding a BC Ferry through the high-priced real estate of the Canadian Gulf Islands on her way to Tim Ball’s hometown of Victoria, B.C. She was likely in more danger - and about the same distance from “civilization” - while trying to get her manicure kit through customs in the Vancouver airport.

For the record, and contrary to the video voiceover, Tim Ball has never stood “at the top of his field,” unless purjering on behalf of Calgary oil and gas companies turns out to be a scientific specialty.

For most viewers, Ventura’s breathless theorizing is fall-down funny, except for the risk that some people might take the buffoonery seriously. But portraying Tim Ball as some towering academic who is cowering out of the limelight is incredibly dishonest, especially when you can Google Ball on YouTube and find that even two weeks earlier, he was grabbing the chance to promote himself as an esteemed denier of record.

If Jesse “The Body” Ventura has something to say, he might try making his point without the phony melodrama. Otherwise, like Ball, he comes off as just another washed up hack, trying to leverage the fake controversy about climate change to get attention.


I didn’t recognize Ball, but the scene with Richard Lindzen is also a treat. Why anyone thinks (a colleague of mine in particular) that it’s unfair to call him a nutbar is beyond me– especially given his habit of accusing other climate scientists of concealing the truth to gain financial benefits (=research funds).

What a howler! Just head-shakingly stupid. Pure paranoid libertarian fairy tales. “Dr.” Ball found a new level to sink to though, so that provides some entertainment.

Hey, Professor! I think you found rock-bottom.

Ouch. The one thing that I dislike about this video, and its Stars, is that they bring the term “Professor” into such disrepute.

But he is in fact “Dr.”. No matter how goofy you act later, they can’t take that away from you, once you have earned one.

That was funny and I must admitt you have discredited this flik. Obviously this was done for theatrical effect, if this is the much vaunted PR team that big coal has going for it, the global warming team has nothing to worry about.

What really does the damage to the global warming theory is the people who claim to be on board who print articles about a dispaearing arctic by 2013. There is your credibility problem, no one has ever gotten the straight goods on this file, just fearful rhetoric. Debunk the extremists like monbiot and the AGW theory will gain credibility.

This peice from Ventura just looks like a straw man attack.

Good post - gotta love Jesse Ventura, even just for laughs.

This must be a series where he takes on all kinds of conspiracy theories and adds some drama. Total honesty is not the goal obviously.

I’d call this one harmless fun.

Tim Ball must be relieved to have Jessie on his side! Nothing like a body slam or two to slow down the GW zealots.

This is hilarious! Please tell me that Ball has been the victim of a Cathy Jones-style satirical “punk”.

Thanks for the laugh, Richard!

Yes, actually that was Danny DeVito.

And Tru TV is more than a YouTube wannabe. I think they want to play the bigtime cable game.
Conspiracy Theory apparently had a 1.6 million viewer debut. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conspiracy_Theory_%28TV_series%29)

And I think some people give Lindzen credit for the science he’s done, as opposed to judging him just by what he says about “the alarmists”.

So funny, and yet so pathetic.

But actually, what it is like to live in the eerie backwater Deliverance-type area called “Victoria”?

Now this is funny. And by adding Alex Jones into the mix, it made it even more hilarious. Great company deniers keep.

One World Government..here we come! I want to be first in line for my concentration camp tattoo.

This is exactly the sort of consipiratorial thinking that is actually getting traction in ultra-conservative circles. The real issue is not to laugh at it, but to figure out how to get people to dig for the truth and not be hoodwinked by shysters defending the status quo. I ran into an acquaintence yesterday who was vehemently touting the notion that the attempts to address global warming were just a communist conspiracy designed to rob everyone of their freedoms. This sort of nonsense could make it impossible to get meaningful climate legislation done. But what can be done about it? How do we get people to see through the lies?

I was immediately reminded of this Moon Landing Hoax conspiracy on Fox.


Mr. Richard Littlemore,
How is it that you, such an experienced journalist, would be so careless as to call Tru-TV “some Youtube wannabe”? Are you intentionally trying to discredit this cable TV station? Had you done no research into Tru-TV (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tru_TV) before submitting your piece? Either you are knowingly lying or you are negligent. Calling a cable TV station an online video sharing site “wannabe” is completely disingenuous.
By the way Tru-TV had a record 1.6 million viewers tuning in on the night of the premier.