How do you say "Silly Skeptic" in Chinese?

Zhang Wenjing, a leading Chinese glaciologist has said that the world’s glaciers could neutralize the effects of global warming, by absorbing heat, which would help in curbing the rapid increase in global temperatures.


The chinese guy: 

 <b> “In other words, the world’s 20 million square kilometers of glaciers and vast areas of ocean will not allow the global temperature to increase too fast,”</b>

and hansen:

<b>The business-as-usual scenario, which could lead to an eventual sea level rise of eighty feet, with twenty feet or more per century, could produce global chaos</b> 

I think the chinese guy should back up his statement with some numbers.  Maybe he simply hasn’t thought about how much a 20 foot /century sea level rise will impact the world. 

He certainly doesn’t seem like a skeptics.   He admits global warming is happening.  He just needs to back up his statement with some numbers.