"How it All Ends" - YouTube Global Warming Phenom

If you haven't seen “How it All Ends” yet, you should. The video is the work of Oregon school science teacher, Greg Craven, and it presents a very well thought out argument for climate change.

It's a very unassuming video - so bear with it, you'll be happy you did.

The video has received over 3 million views on Youtube since Greg posted it in June.


I love this man. He has put clearly into words what I have been trying to get across for years. Thank you!!

Yeah… well done but wait for all the denialists to raise the Pascal’s Wager petard. Too bad PW didn’t have so many multiple lines of evidence in it’s favour or we’d all be religious.

Repent, ye energy pigs and turn down thy thermostats or Gaia will smite thee.

And please put a bunch of carbon credits in the collection plate.

When it comes to scientific issues you shouldnt bother commenting and making yourself seem foolish. Afterall you’ve said things in the past like its hard to measure CO2 and there is no way of knowing if humans are contributing to carbon dioxide emissions. Seriously, even the basic science is beyond your grasp. see IRGA and MASS SPEC + CARBON DATING btw….