Illinois Coal Association Emerges As Heartland Denial-a-Palooza Sponsor

stack of coal

Following the May 4 shocking Unabomber billboard campaign and subsequent departures of more of Heartland's corporate donors, Heartland was likely heartened to add the Illinois Coal Association as a new Gold Sponsor for its forthcoming ICCC-7 “climate” conference.  Although ICA was not on the 05/09/12 sponsor list,  it joined the usual collection of thinktank sponsors  no later than 05/14/12,  Maybe the billboard finally convinced them to come out publicly?

In the 2012 Fundraising plan p.24,  Murray Energy gave $100,000 in 2010 and was expected to give $40,000 in 2012.   Its subsidiary, The American Coal Company is a member of the ICA, along with Peabody Energy and Arch Coal, among others.

In the PDF at Fake science, fakexperts, funny finances, free of tax, pp.84-85 I showed Heartland's Environment and Climate News to have consistent views on some topics:

Negatives included the EPA (2160 mentions), renewable (761), wind farm (333), wind power (277), solar power (209), wind turbine (188).

Mercury (941 mentions) was generally viewed as OK, in fish or the environment, unless it came from CFLs.  Coal (935) was often praised.

In any case, the ICA's post-billboard sponsorship of ICCC-7 is a bold public leap.

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It was already clear by January that Heartland would surely be getting coal money, given all the defense of mercury.  The 2012 fundraising document mentioned Murray.

The surprise is that the ICA woudl be a visible sponsor for a Heartland climate conference.  Teh coal guys have long tried to stay behind the scenes.  I've never seen them in the past sponsor lists.

So the surprise is that they were listed publicly, not that they were “donating.”

One might be surprised that Bast thought it would help the conference, but after the billboard, nothing coudl be a surprise on that front.

Mercury is okay when it is fired into the air by coal plants in large quantities but bad for the environment when it is in an energy-saving device – CFL– that rarely needs replacement and can be recycled at the local hardware store.

The mercury in the CFL is less than would be used in a coal-fired plant to generate the electricity saved by the CFL

By the way, CFLs now come in a variety of spectra, daylight, whatever, you choose, in case you haven’t had to replace one for a while. I really appreciate their lifetime, especially in the light above the stairwell. I had to grab a tall guy with a stepladder to change that light. 

It’s outrageous that the right wing has made such a fuss over the new bulbs. 

I haven’t tried an LED for a lamp yet.