iMatter Marches Prove Younger Generation Is Ready To Fight Climate Change

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This past week, the younger generation proved it just might be able to do what older generations have struggled to accomplish – unite to combat climate change.

Young people from 25 countries on five continents joined together for the largest ever youth movement on climate change. The marches were organized by iMatter, an organization that was started by 16-year-old Alec Loorz. This teenager created quite a movement, as the past week’s events confirm:

In San Francisco, CA, Ted Turner reportedly joined Loorz in leading the city’s march nearly two years after the media mogul made a promise to the young activist to do so. iMatter reports that Salt Lake City, Utah students involved the state’s ACLU to fight permit roadblocks posted by the Utah Department of Transportation. In Kuwait City, Kuwait, an oil executive’s 17-year-old son organized a march.

In Denver, Colorado, a march and rally gathered youth and adults alike to call for climate change action. According to iMatter, marchers chanted, musicians performed, and speakers (including Daryl Hannah) rallied the crowd with one unified message around climate action.

Jerry Cope, an environmental activist/journalist/filmmaker, attended the Denver march, and said that despite deteriorating weather, the affair was quite festive.

“The event was smooth and the organizers did a great job, especially the young people, who were out in force. Everyone was very focused on demanding action to ensure a stable climate for not only the generations living now, but those yet unborn. iMatter joins and GCCA in a global movement to demand that political and business leaders work together to address the growing threat of anthropogenic climate change while there is still time.”

KWGN Denver reports that thousands of people converged on Downtown Denver, where at one point Alex Loorz shouted to the crowd, “This is what a movement looks like. This is what a revolution looks like. This what the world has been waiting for.”

Beyond the marches, young people are taking legal action. Last week, the youth movement initiated legal and administrative action in all 50 states to push for climate solutions. According to iMatter, the effort is being led by a legal team that includes former Republican Congressman Pete McCloskey.

Ultimately, the marches and the legal actions push for “Climate Recovery Plans” in order to reduce CO2 emissions.

Ten-year-old Xiuhtezcatl Roske-Martinez, one of the plaintiffs, told The Colorado Independent, “We hope that by doing this, the government will realize we are in big trouble and will do something to protect the atmosphere.” 

Perhaps the significance of the youth marches is best revealed by a statement that Roske-Martinez made earlier, when the 10-year-old said, “Our future is in jeopardy, and our Earth won’t even be worth inheriting because of the decisions that the leaders of our country are making.”

Photo of previous march provided courtesy of iMatter.

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I saw news coverage of the iMatter march in San Diego. It looked like maybe a dozen people showed up, at most. I was saddened. I’m glad to read it was bigger in other cities.

I am saddened as well.
Saddened that impressionable young minds can be abused in this way in this age.
It was bad when Hitler did it in the 30s.
It is shameful that eco nazzis are allowed to do it this century.
These children will wind up so demoralized when they finally see how they have been lied to and Used as pawns in a Failed Socialist war on Capitalism.

Truely disgusting.

Sorry, this isn’t about a teaparty rally. It’s about people who understand the science and the evidence and see that the rich and powerful who won’t feel the pinch (because they’ll be dead before it reaches them) are leaving the problem to THEM and THEIR children to clean up.

That a grumpy old git like you can feel they are being misled when you are the one without a clue JUST BECAUSE you are currently happy and don’t want to change for the sake of the next generation is what is TRULY disgusting.

So stop swallowing the libertard mantras and learn something for yourself.


or, if that’s too book-larnin’ for you:

Which you can get in book form, probably from your own community library.

Word from another GoreBot moron.

They are so easliy brainwashed aren’t they…

If only any of the actually science supported their sad little movement.

Oh well… there is one born every minute.

They love it.


Can’t have that.

They’re also brainwashed by Al Gore. They LOATHE him. When eco-friendlies are poor, they can scream “Hair shirt brigade!!!!” and loathe them. But when someone wealthy does the same, their brains fry.

So, out of hate for Al Gore, they’re brainwashed into “knowing” he’s wrong.

Pity they never read the science like Al did.

“These children will wind up so demoralized when they finally see how they have been lied to and Used as pawns in a Failed Socialist war on Capitalism.”

What the? Seriously, you guys need to wake up to yourselves. We want renewable technologies to become our dominating energy source. Supplied by the free market.

These people & everyone I knows who is an AGW supporter don’t want some socialist takeover & no one but conservatives are saying that will happen. We have grown up in a capitalist society & we like it. Sure there are things wrong with it, but we prefer that than communism or socialism. I run a business & I sure as hell don’t want communism or socialism.

Are you in for a shock….
When you finally realize that this whole scam is about global socialist government.

Do a little background research on your own to begin your education:
Start here:

Sourced and verified quotes from the founders of the AGW Scam.

you might want to take a gravol first because reality is going to make you ill.

Be kind to trees. Target 1000 ppm CO2… its your duty.

Hates the planet?

How do you figure?

What in anything I have said or that is posted on that site leads you to believe that I (they) hate the planet?

We all want to reduce polution.

CO2 however just isn’t polution.

sorry but its just a fact.

We don’t burn fossil fuels to create CO2, we burn them to get energy out.

An unwanted byproduct of a reaction is a pollutant.

Try running an engine in a sealed room. It stops after enough of the O2 is turned into CO2.

It’s a fact. Live with it.

Did you happen to notice that the quotes on that site are all from your Heros?
They are all sourced so you can check their validity and context.
There is nothing hidden or altered.
Just Quotes from the drivers of the Multi Billion Dollar AGW industry.

they can’t quote someone.

Phil Jones says: there has been a warming trend but it doesn’t pass the normal requirement of 95% confidence, though it just misses (it’s 94% confident the trend is not an artefact of a too-short sampling)

Denialists: It’s cooling!!!!

Mojab Latif: in the climate data you can always pick out a 10-year period that looks like it’s cooling, but a longer selection will show the true trend.

Denialists: It’s cooling for the next 30 years! At least!

Denialists don’t care about truth. It just gets in the way of their faith.

10 years only offers a hint.
30 years can only show fluctuations that happen quite naturally anyway.
150 years shows cyclic trends in climate variation.

Want a real picture of what is going on?

Look at the last 8000 years. Its been cooling constantly for the last 7500 years. The current tiny little optimum is merely another in a series of warm periods.
this one is characteristically smaller that the last BTW.
Each one has been smaller than the previous one for 7500 years.

YES. The planet IS cooling. Excempt in warmist’s imaginations.


10 years can offer a hint (but you still claim cooling in the last 10).

30 years shows a climate trend

150 years doesn’t show any cyclic fluctuation. A cycle is when the values repeat.

Look at the last 1000 years and you see this:

It’s warming dramatically.

Look at the last 2000 years and you get this:

It’s warming dramatically and has gone well beyond the MWP or the temps at the beginning of the LIA.

And looking at the last 12000 years:

It’s well beyond any glacial period, so we’re not “coming out of” any ice age. Little or large.

It’s obvious to even a denier which is why they continue to tell each other what they have to see. “Look! There’s a cycle!”. No, there isn’t. There’s an increase.

Look at the graph. It’s going UP.

The gullibility and the self deception the denialists can bring to bear is astounding.

Pity they can’t bring any skepticism.