In Search of Al Gore: A Climate Pilgrimage

Several members of the DeSmogBlog team are off to Montreal for a training session April 4-6 with Nobel laureate Al Gore - an opportunity to learn from the master how best to spread the word about the challenges of and solutions to global warming.

Kevin Grandia, Emily Murgatroyd and I will all attend as trainees. Jim Hoggan, who attended a Nashville Bootcamp last year, will be back as a presenter. I start my own pilgrimage on the (carbon-conscious) train this evening and will be blogging across the country, in cooperation with the Vancouver Sun. See the set-up post here. And stay tuned.


“…learn from the master…”

So that’s what you’re calling him nowadays? Okay.

“Kevin Grandia, Emily Murgatroyd and I will all attend as trainees.”

So, let’s see: 3 round trip business class tickets @ 4.3 metric tonnes of CO2 per person times three = 12.3 metric tonnes of CO2.

“Jim Hoggan, who attended a Nashville Bootcamp last year”

1 round trip first class ticket @ 5.8 tonnes CO2


I guess it takes a lot CO2 to “save the Earth”.
Thanks, Desmogblog. One day, if you are truly devout, you will learn to save the planet by flying in private jets, just like your master. *(

Do you change to stone when the sun rises?

… but Hell will turn to ice when he actually reads something (hint: train).

Do you mean “training seminar”, Steve?

Yeah, that’s what the Church of Scientology calls it, too.

Not a winner. Try again.

In rob’s universe, there are only two possible ways to travel to Montreal:

(1) car
(2) plane

(Oops, that’s too big a hint. Not that rob will take it – it’s not among the list of Denialist Talking Points Approved by Steven Milloy.)

Frank Bi,
“Al `Fat Al’ Gore [is fat]” – Harold Pierce

“… but Hell will turn to ice when he actually reads something (hint: train).”

I knew some idiots just won’t get it, even after a big fat gigantic hint.

Carl S, please tell Steven Milloy to explain the hint to you.

Frank Bi,
“Al `Fat Al’ Gore [is fat]” – Harold Pierce

Take it easy Frank – Carl S is not an AGW-denier. 5) Bicycle.

“Take it easy Frank – Carl S is not an AGW-denier.”

Oh, OK

“5) Bicycle.”

Bicycles don’t exist in rob’s world, or even if they do, they can’t be used to travel to Montreal, ever.

Neither do buses, monorails, boats, …

It’s only car car car plane plane plane.

(Or maybe not: I forgot

  6) … Spaceships!

Yes, they guzzle lots of fuel, which makes them the most freedom-loving mode of transport in the world! Woo!)

Frank Bi,
“Al `Fat Al’ Gore [is fat]” – Harold Pierce

Notice the use of the word “pilgrimage”?

That’s no accident. The Warmists are officially a religious cult, and they don’t care who knows it.

Brave Anon, you get all that out of the word pilgrimage? Wow, such analytical prowess and intellectual rigour! That does it – your argument is so convincing that now I am renouncing my membership in the Warmist cult. I was brainwashed into accepting the heaps of evidence that CO2 is a greenhouse gas and that increasing such gases enhances the greenhouse effect. I didn’t care who knew I believed that!! Now I’m back on the side of reason as I will demonstrate by calling myself Anon like the person who showed me the way. Thank you, thank you.

Don’t do it Steve! As Anon proved once again, denialists have no sense of humour or of irony.

Oh wait a minute… that was irony…

Funny, when I read the blog entry I was thinking:

Al Gore: “Witness - the power - of the Dark - Side.”

James Hansen: “No, Luke, I am your father.”

S. Fred Singer: “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Christopher Monckton: “Methane the main cause of global warming is.”

Frank Bi,
“Al `Fat Al’ Gore [is fat]” – Harold Pierce

Be sure to pack your winter clothes, Richard. We are still surrounded by huge piles of global warming here in eastern Canada.

Is this pilgrimmage like a rapture for those of the warmist religion?

… and get this: The new one from the true believers is that the earth is tilted and it causes parts of the world to get colder.

I guess they’ve moved on from AGW huh.

Yeah, I mean, the whole idea that the Earth is round was concocted in order to support Al Gore’s scam in the first place!

It’s a Vast Worldwide Satanic Conspiracy stretching back thousands of years!

Again, who isn’t part of the Vast Warmist Conspiracy? Maybe the denialists can go on their own pilgrimage to the ASS Coalition to find out.

Christopher Monckton: “For my ally is CO2, and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. You must feel the CO2 around you.”

Frank Bi,
“Al `Fat Al’ Gore [is fat]” – Harold Pierce

It’s so cold round here (Europe) I come to Demosblog to get warm amongst all the hot air of AGW fanzine-fans. It’s nice to know after a century of warming and the fastest temperature drop in 12 months to wipe 100yrs warming out that we still have ‘believers’ of Gore.

How do you explain it guys.. you know the coldest 12 months amongst the highest CO2 levels in centuries?

C’mon now, no smart-arse comments. What are the scientific explanations?

The economic breakdown is said to an effect of the global warming. But, should we really blame it alone? How about the human activities or the way we spend our money? Only 23 people this year were able to pull off a superfecta.  The superfecta is correctly guessing (i.e. betting) the top 4 placing horses at the Kentucky Derby. It appears to be about more or less plain luck, as the winner was the 50 to 1 underdo, Mine That Bird.  The trifecta, is about as hard, as guessing the top 3 accurately.  If a person were to bet every combination to make it, it would cost more than a payday loan, as the maximum bet is $1, and there were 93,024 different permutations of the placement.  (93,024 different superfecta possibilities.) Still, the superfecta winners came away with cash advances of about $278,000.