Inhofe and the exceptional Fox News climate change coverage

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Check out Senator Jim Inhofe in full PR spin mode in this Fox News clip. Inhofe complains of media inaccuracies and bias against him and his climate change denialist talking points, mainly at the hands of CNN News.

It seems though that Inhofe is guilty of spreading his own share hyperbole in this FOx News interview. Inhofe uses a letter sent by 60 scientists to  Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper as one of his main proofs of the existence of a debate on the realities of climate change.

To quote Inhofe: “Let me just tell you something that is very significant, there are 60 scientists in Canada that had been recommending to Prime Minister Harper that they get off the Kyoto Protocol… they had said, that if they had known in the middle 90's about what we know today about the science we would have never gotten on to the Kyoto Protocol. Nobody wants to talk about that.”

Here is the letter by the 60 scientists that Inhofe is referring to.  Of the 60 scientists, only 19 are Canadian, the remaing 31 are from all over the map and include some of the more notorious climate change “skeptics”, like Sallie Baliunas, Fred Singer and Pat Michaels. Of the 19 Canadians scientists, only 9 have even a remote academic background in the area of climate science. Not to mention that the letter was organized by the so-called Friends of Science, a climate change denial organization that was recently pummeled in the media for covering up funding they recieved from the oil and gas industry.

And the Senator actually wonders why this “60 scientist letter” doesn't get the attention of the media.

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