Inhofe's Bizarre Cameo at Copenhagen

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The leading elected “climate skeptic” in the United States got a taste of just how marginalized his world-view is when he breezed through Copenhagen last week.

The infamous Senator James Inhofe flew nine hours to Denmark and left hours later when he could only muster a handful of reporters to hear his conspiratorial views on climate change.

According to Politico, Inhofe’s whirlwind visit was meant to deliver two messages: that climate change is a hoax, and that the US will never pass cap and trade legislation.

Decked out in black snakeskin cowboy boots, Inhofe’s loopy views did not seem to win over the few reporters on hand to hear them in the conference centre stairwell.

A reporter asked: “If there’s a hoax, then who’s putting on this hoax, and what’s the motive?”

It started in the United Nations,” Inhofe said, “and the ones in the United States who really grab ahold of this is the Hollywood elite.”

One reporter asked Inhofe if he was referring to California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Another reporter — this one from Der Spiegel — told the senator: “You’re ridiculous.”

His important work done, Inhofe burned another tank of jet fuel flying back to Washington.

On a completely unrelated note, the Oklahoma politician has received $662,506 in contributions from oil companies between 2000 and 2008, making him the leading recipient of oil funding in the US Senate where he is the ranking Republican on the Environment and Public Works Committee.

However, one should not assume Senator Inhofe is soley concerned with interests of the oil industry. He also received $152,800 in coal contributions during the 110th Congress.

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From Inhofe’s perspective, burning jet fuel is no moral dilemma at all. I’m surprised you would call him on it.

I mean - you’re almost asking for everybody to pile on about the green sides extravagance with the dino juice.

as always - I’m staying above the fray.

- also I should commend the reporters quoted above for their professionalism and even handed news gathering. It’s quite refreshing to see honest, non partisans in the news biz. … Did they throw snowballs at him too?

when you take sides, you cross over from journalism to opinion and you become Glenn Beck - which is fine, but you have to stop calling yourself a journalist.

Inhofe was the most powerful man at copenhangen, who steered the course of events in 3 hours more than weeks of negotiating between politicians. Inhofe also represented the views of billions of people excluded from Copenhagen, If he was younger he would make an excelent presidential candidate.

And with the oil and coal money given to Inhofe, it’s apparent that Inhofe’s message “confused” the delegates to the point of paralysis that they were no longer sure about AGW.

Billions of dollars spent on a lavishly financed conference is no match for the highly-sophisticated anti-AGW rhetoric of a crotchety, old Senator. If only he and Monckton had stayed away from putting their mind-spells on the AGW folk, humanity would have been saved.

It’s more likely that Inhofe and Monckton were there to be seen, and to create more idiotic sound bites that could be regurgitated again later for their industry masters.
Did these two clowns defeat science at Copenhagen? Certainly not. But greed and short-sightedness sure did.

What defeated Copenhagen then? You had the greatest collection of warmies in history in one spot. Why didn’t Obama deliver? Why didn’t Brown?

China needed to kill Copenhagen to protect the 2 trillion in teasuries they held.

The Chinese have consistently read Climateaudit and after Briffas Yamal series got exposed, then Climategate, the Chinese concluded the science as all made up. They then went into a panic at the thought that Obama would trash the US economy with Cap and Trade, thus devaluing the US $.

I repeat, greed and short-sightedness defeated Copenhagen. Read, man, read!

To pin its success or failure on one or two principals, or who had the loudest cheering section, would be to simplify the meetings. It would be like saying the earth is in a cooling trend because the last couple of years were cooler than the hottest on record.

Perhaps you didn’t notice but the purpose of Copenhagen was to afford everyone the opportunity to blame someone else for climate inaction. It worked out very nicely.

Interesting figures on Inhofe’s oil and coal sourced contributions.

Of course he’s just one senator and all his peers are likewise juiced up with cash from somewhere. Why don’t they even the playing field and kill all the contributions public and private? Furthermore they could restrict campaign money to bare minimums so no one can buy their way into politics. Forget TV ads and all that junk. Let every candidate get a blog.

no - theres no way they would begin to consider that. Politics and Money are the system.

Aye. The very people responsible for this:

One year anniversary of the day clean coal died

which links back to desmogblog

23 December 08
Massive Coal Ash Spill in Tennessee puts the lie to Clean Coal

How can you justify any other action?
I figure Inhofe should cough up and help those affected. As should Bush and Cheney.

Seriously, the Bush and Cheney thing is getting a little tired. Who writes your stuff for you? Can’t you get some fresh material?

So how are Bush and Cheney responsible for the coal slurry? You never say.

Oh, that’s right, EVERY SINGLE THING, no matter how tenuous the link, that occurred when they were in power is their fault. Are you a 9-11 Truther too?