Inhofe's Mini-Me to Face Off Among Enviromental Journalists

This late-breaking session has been added to the Society of Environmental Journalists' 16th Annual Confence, coming up in Burlington, Vermont on the week of Oct. 23, 2006. The DeSmogBlog will be there to report on the action. Here's the write-up…

“Are environmental journalists getting the climate change story wrong? Are we overly receptive to spin? Are we playing up the fear factor and skirting inconvenient uncertainties? A staffer for Senator  James Inhofe (R-OK) thinks liberal groups are funding scientists to exaggerate the dangers of climate change. Come listen to his critique of SEJ members’ reporting, hear the response from some of his targets and weigh in yourself.”

Moderator: Christy George, Producer, Oregon Public Broadcasting


- Seth Borenstein, Science Correspondent, The Associated Press
- Marc Morano, Director of Communications, Environment and Public Works Committee, U.S. Senate
- Andrew Revkin, Environment Reporter, The New York Times

Marc Morano is, of course, the “brains” behind Jim Inhofe (which is frightening for all kinds of reasons), while Seth Borenstein and Andy Revkin are two of the smartest and best informed reporters in the business. It is, on one hand, embarrassing to imagine Borenstein and Revkin on the same podium with the likes of Morano. But, for sheer entertainment value, the session alone should make the trip to Vermont worthwhile.

The DeSmogBlog team will be there and we will be blogging sessions as we go. Look for coverage to start on Friday, Oct. 27, when we expect the action to heat up.


More lies spewed out by Inhofe’s lacky, Marc Morano, this time about a children’s book the UN published:

The Senate committee’s opinion is in bold and virtually everything they say is fiction. (Fitting for a group that asked a science fiction writer to comment on climate reality.)

-Stephen Berg

Revkin had a go at a face to face with Morano before and made him look like a complete idiot, which isn’t hard, considering morano already is a complete idiot. Want to go for a shower every time I hear him. Slime.

Hi, Richard.

Glad to hear you’ll be blogging the SEJ 2006 conference in Burlington, too. I’ve started an independent, unofficial volunteer blog for that conference ( and we already have lots of postings up.

If you use Technorati tags for your blog, we’ve started using the tag SEJ2006 for conference coverage, to make that easier to find around the web. If that works for you, feel free to use it.

I’m mentioning this post of yours in a roundup of online pre-conference buzz, which I’ll be posting to that blog shortly.

Please say hi at the conference!

- Amy Gahran