Institute for Private Enterprise

Institute for Private Enterprise (IPE)


The Institute for Private Enterprise (IPE) is a small think tank based in Melbourne, Australia with the aim to “promote the cause of private enterprise and to argue for a reduction in the role of government.” [1]

The IPE was founded in 1996 by Des Moore, current IPE Director and past employee of the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA). Moore's primary experience is as economist in a Federal Treasury, and he admits he is a “non-scientist.” [2]

According to SourceWatch, A major focus of Moore's work at the IPE has been championing “labour market deregulation.”

Stance on Climate Change

“I summarise my assessment as follows. There are fundamental faults in the statistical and scientific analyses used to justify the need for early comprehensive mitigatory action by governments; claims of a consensus on the IPCC science have no credibility and account is not taken of the long history of faulty analyses by scientists; that examination of the temperature and CO2 concentrations data indicate that the green house effect on temperatures  to 2100 is likely to be much less than the IPCC (and other believers) predict; that there is no substantive evidence of threats from rising sea levels or meltings of sea ice  in the Arctic or Antarctic; that there is no evidence of any significant change in average rainfall  or that droughts and other severe weather events are likely to occur more frequently. In conclusion, my submission is that the best policy is to adapt to changes in climate and to leave that mainly to the private sector.” [3]


A search of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNCdoes not return any results for the Institute for Private Enterrpise. The IPE does not appear to publicly list its funding. [6]

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May 21 - 23, 2012

IPE is listed as a Co-sponsor of the Heartland Institute's Seventh International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC7). [4]

October 2, 2009

Des Moore was par tof a “two-sided presentation” titled “Global Warming and Uncertainty – What is the appropriate response?

According to Moore, “the large uncertainties about the timing and extent of the alleged mitigating action said to be needed suggests that no case exists for governments to start a comprehensive program now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.” [5]

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