IPCC quotes from around the world

With the IPCC Summary for Policymakers out yesterday, and the science clearer than ever, here are some choice quotes from world leaders. Send in yours and I will add them to this collection.

“While climate changes run like a rabbit, world politics move like a snail: either we accelerate or we risk disaster.” - Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio, Italy's Environment Minister

“I think the science is clear that these changes are occurring, They're serious and we must act.” - Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada

“We are on the historic threshold of the irreversible. Faced with this emergency, the time for half measures is finished. It is time for a revolution. A new industrial revolution, that of sustainable development, lies before us.” - Jacques Chirac, President of France

“We are now beyond a critical turning point in the debate; those who continue to ignore the threat and its causes, or invoke half-baked arguments to confuse and obstruct, will be doing the greatest disservice imaginable to current and future generations. This is a wake-up call to the world's largest emitter, the United States.” - Marthinus Van Schalkwyk, South Africa's Environment Minister.



Mr Harper, you surprise me. With your…incredibly bland…but essentially accurate comment.
The Italian guy’s comment is much better.

As reported by the BBC:
The country’s top meteorologist, Qin Dahe, said the recent dry and warm weather in northern China was related to global warming.

But he told reporters that China was committed to improving energy efficiency, and planned to reduce carbon dioxide and other emissions by 20% in the next five years.

Mr Qin was China’s representative on an inter-governmental panel on climate change, which last week released a report saying mankind was very likely the cause of global climate change.

His comments, at a press conference in Beijing, mark the Chinese government’s first official response to the report’s findings.

“The Chinese government is taking climate change extremely seriously,” he said. “President Hu Jintao has said that climate change is not just an environmental issue but also a development issue.”

The full report can be found at:


China has also committed to the world’s largest eco-city. Dongtan is expected to have a population of 500,000 by 2040. See:


We can just hope that their actions are as good as their words.


Plant breeders and the like have developed varieties of wheat, barley, sorghum, cotton, soybeans, you name it, that are using less and less water. Farmers are confident that things will evolve over time.

OK maybe we will have hotter temperatures and less rainfall in 100 years’ time, but if you look at the variety of crops they’re growing today versus 100 years ago, they’ve adapted crops to suit today’s conditions.

I dare say they’ll adapt them to suit conditions in 100 years’ time.