Is ExxonMobil Cultivating a Religious Voice, as Well?

Thanks to frequent correspondent Wacki for finding this story, pointing out the ExxonMobil connection to the Interfaith Stewardship Alliance (ISA) petition demanding INaction on climate change.

You might remember the petition being launched in July, a response to the surprising call to action that the Evangelical Climate Initiative (ECI) launched  in February.

The ISA, however, appears now to be more than pure-hearted evangelical communion. EthicsDaily found a disturbing number of ISA signatories with a direct link to ExxonMobil, from organizations like the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty, which took $50,000 from Exxon last year, to usual suspects like Fred L. Smith Jr., whose Competitive Enterprise Institute was the happy recipient of 270,000 Exxon dollars in 2005.

Reading further into the ISA document also reveals other not-very-surprising participants. For example, there is the famous Canadian evangelical (not!), Ross McKitrick. And there are “non-evangelicals with special expertise in climatology or related sciences,” including:  Australian geologist Bob Carter; Friends of Science advisor Madhav Khandekar; the godfather of climate change denial Richard Lindzen; and, of course, our old friend Dr. S. Fred Singer.

It being difficult to keep track of these conscientious objectors and to monitor their relations to foundations or companies with an interest in promoting a fossil fuel future, we would be delighted if anyone recognizes any other names on this list that belong, more appropriately, on a list of oil industry apologists or professional contrarians.


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