Is Nitpicking and Red Herrings all the denial machine has left?

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Laurie David has a piece on Huffington Post today outlining just how desperate the climate denial industry has gotten.

This latest salvo comes from none other than Rob Ferguson and the Science and Public Policy Institute (SPPI). Since leaving the oil-industry backed and former Philip Morris sponsored Frontiers of Freedoms, Ferguson and the SPPI have been aggressively promoting the denialist message.

In a related, but separate matter, Ferguson has been reticent to respond to my emails regarding his involvement in the recent online campaign to discredit the fine work of Dr. Naomi Oreskes.

Guess he's too busy reading children's books.

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Laurie David has now written a childrens book on AGW?
Gaia have mercy!

After making millions selling her film AIT, isn’t it time Ms. David (and Al Gore) started walking the environmental walk instead of just using the issue as an opportunity to line their pockets with millions more dollars??

I sure won’t take any environmental “lessons” from those two. Regards,

I didnt realize Paul S, or Paul G (he admits to not knowing which one he is) is also Rob…..Though I take that as a slip since one cannot tell them apart from how they post.

Kevin, taking environmental lessons from Al Gore is like a polygamist telling me I should practise monogamy.

Not only is the message important, the messenger delivering the message is important. And the AGW-profiteering and highly consumptive lifestyles of both Laurie David and Al Gore diminishes the value of their exhortations for the public to change.

There must be better spokepersons then these two.

You nailed that logical fallacy!

Ad hominem tu quoque is now your bitch.

You appear to be a sado-masochistic personality type (I am using the term technically: I don’t mean you like leather and butt plugs–per se). You seem to be believe that there must be leaders, you like authority, hence the implicit need for that people bearing messages have god-like qualities and embody entirely the message they are converying. The medium IS the message. Just like Bush is. Damn, isn’t he wonderful? I bet you dream of him. Maybe he touches you in special ways…

You like completely won that argument, dude.

Wanna see if you can up the ante to ad hominem tu quoque?

Perhaps by bringing in the ‘fact’ that Al Gore not only makes millions from his global warming lectures, but he uses the money to buy a new mansion every month; that he travels between in his private 747, and (because he removed the roof of off all of them) which he heats by burning live babies. Live babies, soaked in CRUDE OIL! (smell, SMELL, that hypocrisy! Shame on you Al. Shame. On. You!).

I propose that the Denialist contingent should actually be fostered and encouraged in their woolly minded delusions.

That way we can use Bertrand Russel rolling in his grave as an alternate power source.

Global warming due to Planet X?

That’s just powered London for a month!

Paul’s email falls under the typical “if they’re so good, why are they making so much money?” complaint that’s often leveled at people like Al Gore, Laurie David, Michael Moore, etc.

It’s an old-school mentality.

To people like Paul, there’s an established system: You can either be wealthy OR you can have principles. People who believe this become uncomfortable when they learn about men and women who buck the convention – it forces them to re-evaluate the choices they’ve made in their own lives.

Making money while doing good is capitalism’s highest ideal. We can all help to reduce the dissonance that people like Paul experience if we loudly celebrate ethical wealth whenever it occurs.

Jason Whiting

That the science of climate change has nothing to do with Al Gore - he is not a scientist, he’s a communicator, and the state of climate science today would be no different if Mr. Gore had never undertaken his efforts with The Inconvenient Truth.

There is no need to base your opinions on what Al Gore says to understand the current state of climate science. Pick up a copy of Science or check out the websites of some of the respected scientific organizations, like the UK’s Royal Society (Sir Isaac Netwon was once the President). These are great sources of  up-to-date climate science and represent what the experts in the field are saying about climate change. 

Gore is an awfully pricey communicator. $25,000 to sit near him and do a meet-and-greet with him in Australia.

Paying dearly to hear Gore’s climate story

Has the man no shame? An AGW sucker is born every minute and Gore is making sure he fleeces every one of them.

Paul S

Typical “denier” methodology. You can’t attack the message, so you attack the messenger. You’re really gasping your last breaths, aren’t you.

No John, you can’t have multiple mansions, constantly fly around the world and profit in the millions at the same time by campaigning against AGW.

The ethical disconnect that exists between what Gore and David preach and how they actually live is apparent to almost all who listen to their message.

Because AGW necessitates a huge change in persons lifestyles, those who live luxurious and consumptive lifestyles such as Gore and David make particularly poor messengers. Regards,

Would this be the same Laurie David, who, in her new children’s book on Global Warmening claims that polar bears are rummaging through garbage cans in Halifax?

Yeah, okay.