Jim Gooch Drinks Global Warming Denial Hooch in Kentucky

What do you get when you cross a puzzle-maker with a lawyer?

Apparently, in Kentucky at least, you get a legislative hearing by climate change “experts.”

Last week a committee meeting of the Kentucky Agricultural and Natural Resources Committee held a hearing on the science of climate change.

Problem was, there were no scientists.

According to Kentucky State Rep. Jim Gooch (D-Providence), who chairs the committee, there was no need to call any actual scientists to the hearing because, “You can only hear that the sky is falling so many times.”

So instead, Rep. Gooch invited a British puzzle-maker named Christopher Monckton (who regular DeSmog readers know all to well) and Chris Taylor a lawyer and “senior fellow” at the Exxon-backed “thank you for smoking” Heartland Institute.

According to a story in Kentucky's Lexington-Herald newspaper, “Gooch said he called the Heartland Institute once he decided to address global warming and asked for any skeptical experts it might send. Scientists weren't necessary, he said.”

Well of course not, what a preposterous idea to host scientists at a hearing on an issue of science.

I wonder if Gooch uses an OBGYN when he needs to get a haircut, or calls a mechanic when he needs an opinion on the most recent developments in coal mining?

And speaking of coal mining (drum-roll please)… Gooch and his brother own a company called West Kentucky Steel Construction Co., which sells mining equipment to Peabody Energy, Arch Coal and other coal companies that would rather see the entire of issue of global warming go away.

What is even more surprising is that Gooch's fellow Democrats do not feel that this apparent conflict of interest and complete disregard for climate science is much of a worry. The strongest rebuke uttered by Gooch's Democrat colleagues was from House Speaker Jody Richards (D-Bowling) who stated that she”didn't like it very well.”

Fortunately though, some Kentucky bloggers are taking the issue a little more seriously than House Speaker Richards:

The Now NATIONAL Embarrassment Of State Rep. Jim Gooch (D)

Rep. Gooch on Good Morning America


Oh for heaven’s sake, how long do we have to put up with this kind of idiotic nonsense? I hear the strains of “Give me that old time religion” swelling in the background! Christopher Monckton? Chris Taylor? What next? Bill Grey and Tim Ball? Asked & answered. Been there, done that.


Sorry. I have had just about all I can take today of this ignorance and denial. I have been reading about the projected death tolls due to Cyclone Sidr, and seeing pictures of mothers grieving for children lost in the storm. I have also read closely the IPCC report, and the earnest and heartfelt statements of scientists who can see what’s coming. These are people of science who are supposed to be objective and clinical. But they also have families, and they hope to see their grandchildren born to thrive in a world that we have left better than the one we inherited. What kind of legacy are we leaving to them? How can we look them in the eye if we don’t do everything within our power to put the brakes on this situation HERE AND NOW. WHAT KIND OF AN A$$HOLE IGNORES THE SCIENCE????

Okay. That’s me done now. Sorry, Kevin, if you have to delete this post. Just had to say that. Fern

Profits….that’s all that people like this are concerned about.
He reminds me of Boss Hogg from the tv show Dukes of Hazzard….corrupt!

I am going to go out on a limb here but have you read some of the posts around here from people that dont understand very much about the scientific method or how science is conducted?…….I would make a bet that a good number of politicans have never taken a single science course beyond highschool or first year university.

I’m no scientist (flunked Grade 10 chemistry), but that doesn’t prevent me from making a distinction between solid methodology and willful distortion.

Fortunately, I really think that the train has left the station on this. Gooch & his crowd are still standing on the platform & didn’t notice it pull away without them. Despite my rather emotional earlier post, I do see signs every day that we are moving (albeit slowly) towards action. I remain optimistic that it won’t be too late.

Actually, Gooch and his merry band of AGW deniers are standing in the middle of the tracks, facing the wrong way and the train doesn’t stop at their station ;-)

Ian Forrester

I’m no scientist either (passed advanced Chemistry and Physics in college), and here’s what I KNOW. Baseballs fly farther in warmer air than they do in cooler air. Why, you might ask? Because the air molecules are more tightly packed together when the air is cooler, thus causing more friction for objects passing through, and thus affecting the objects travel. Another thing I KNOW: I can put a plate of food in a box, punch a couple of numbers, and in a few minutes, the food is hot and ready to eat. Does that box use CO2 and sunlight to heat the food. NO. It uses microwaves. The microwaves “excite” the molecules, causing a reaction where the byproduct is the generation of heat. The same type of microwaves that provide us with satellite TV, cell phones, and any number of wireless devices. Isn’t it a coincidence that our global climate has begun to increase since radio waves? You might think we can do without fossil fuel-generated energy, but are you willing to do without ESPN or MSNBC? Or your cell phone? Or even your microwave?

Please don’t take what politicans (or the-sky-is-falling-liberals)say is fact without first giving it some thought yourself. At least Rep. Gooch has the guts to do that, when most others take the easy way out and jump on the bandwagon, where they try to look like they’re with the “in” crowd, or at the very least, won’t have to answer the tough questions. If people like many of you who blog here were around in 1492, you’d swear the earth was flat just because that is what you were told.

And really, if climate warming is such a bad thing, why do we as humans flock to Florida during spring break?