John Locke Foundation: Echoes of Climate Change Denial

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EnvironmentNC, the John Locke Foundation's environmental front group, has discovered another sterling source for discredited science: it's called ICECAP, a group that put its “reputation” on the line yesterday by guessing that 2007 may not rank as the warmest year on record in the Northern Hemisphere.

One might reasonably ask: so what? The issue of our times is global warming, not hemispheric anomalies. Yet, the agenda-driven ICECAP gets all breathless because this year's abnormality seems to be roughly in keeping with the trend.

Looking at recent temperature records, EnvironmentNC went a step further to “note the distinct lack of overall warming since 1998.” Here's a wonderful example of the quality of the John Locke Foundation analysis: when dealing with a long term trend - a global climate that in the past has taken many millennia to shift half the distance that our climate has changed this century - the JLF picks out a nine-year span and presents it as evidence that climate change has stopped.

We're to assume, perhaps, that the Tooth Fairy put a halt to it as a favor to George Bush's kids - certainly EnvironmentNC has offered no other working theory.

It's also worth having a closer look at ICECAP, and especially at their list of “experts” - Fred Singer, Pat Michaels, Sallie Balliunis, Robert Balling, these “usual suspects” among climate change deniers. Check any name from the ICECAP list against the DeSmogBlog Denier Database and you're likely to find a clapped out academic career and, in the worst cases (Singer, Michaels) direct links to the coal and oil industries. Singer, especially, seemed to take up the climate cause only after the “scientific” defence of second-hand smoke became so offensive that even Philip Morris stopped paying him to argue their case. Of course, the John Locke Foundation is also linked through to Philip Morris: birds of a feather …

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Richard, I don’t remember the distinction about hemispheres being made when Mann’s Hockey Stick was trumpeted so loudly. The Stick was only for the northern hemisphere yet was propagandized by environmentalists as being a global temperature indicator.

The fact that there does appear to be a recent flat line trend in tropospheric temperature measurements is of scientific importance and worthy of more then just snark.

If they’re right…how come the ice melt in the arctic is accelerating?
And how do they know this December’s temps are going to be lower and future temperatures will be colder because of increased La Nina activity; while NOAA is predicting a warmer December and a drier south-east for the continental United States BECAUSE of La Nina??

“And how do they know this December’s temps are going to be lower and future temperatures will be colder”

Maybe they have computer models? Can’t argue with that can you?

You deniers have been calling computer models flawed and basicly useless since day one, so try again…TROLL.

So you only argue with computer models when they give an answer which refute your ideological biases?

Thanks for clearing that up.

The denier crowd have belittled the use of models from day one, calling them unrealistic and unreliable and now they’re trying to use models?
And I suppose you can’t see what’s wrong with that picture?