John Locke Foundation Fumbling in the Cold

The John Locke Foundation's environmental front EnvironmentNC has this goofy post celebrating record snowfall in Switzerland and cold temperatures in South America as proof that the climate isn't changing.

As even the most rudimentary primer would affirm “global warming” is calculated on the basis of global average temperatures, not on one-off weather events in a single region or country. All theories of global warming also suggest that as the average temperature in earth's atmosphere increases, there will be a corresponding increase in weird weather.

The Locke Foundation either missed this memo or is motivated by some other agenda to try to ignore or deny what is actually happening.


What an insult to reason to misappropriate Locke’s name. As the vision of Gen. George Marshall is now sullied by the US think tank bearing his name. What did he ever do for his descendants to sell out to that crowd?