Junk Science vs. Real Science: DeSmog's new video

Okay, I admit, I'm not very good at video editing, but check out this video that the DeSmog team put together called “Who do believe: junk scientist vs. real scientist?”


Good video, but I’m surprised you didn’t mention where all the footage came from. Those clips were originally from “The Denial Machine,” an episode of CBC’s the 5th Estate which aired November 15 and November 18 on CBC-TV and CBC Newsworld respectively. You can stream the entire, superb 40 minute show from CBC’s site. It is very well put together, with excellent scope and facts, I’d highly recommend watching the real thing.

Tim Ball and the rest of the deniers, including Terence Corcoran, are idealogues who don’t give a whit about science. I prefer to take the generous tack and assume they are just ill-informed stooges for the carbon combustion industry. Because the only alternative is that they are liars. Two years from now and five years from now will tell the truth. And it’s a good thing because these guys may never. Unfortunately for these people, science doesn’t give a whit about belief. Time tells, Tim and Terry. Howling against the storm leaves one all wet.

As a former resident of Dawson Creek I must point out it is not in the Yukon, but in North-Eastern BC. Small town that it is, I scoured the video for faces I may recognize, but found none. Perhaps you meant Dawson City? –In any case, thanks for fighting the good fight!

I don’t know if you heard about this, but it is a scientific atrocity:

From the New Democratic Party site:


From a completely scientifically-inept ultra-conservative site:


What a nightmare!