Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS Doubles Down On Gas Price Talking Points

The Karl Rove-helmed lobbying group Crossroads GPS (in conjunction with their parent group American Crossroads) has decided to double down on the debunked talking point that President Obama is to blame for the spike in gas prices. Their latest ad, titled “Too Much,” specifically takes aim at the President’s claim (based on facts) that domestic energy production is at a record high.

Take a look:

It is interesting to note that in this ad, when they attempt to “debunk” Obama’s claim about domestic oil production, the source they cite as evidence is actually talking about only the oil production, a fact that they actually left in the ad yet conveniently ignored:


Politifact ranks this statement as “mostly true,” but that’s based on the words used in the ad. Yes, domestic oil production has fallen ever so slightly in the last year, but that’s because energy companies have moved their efforts into other areas – particularly hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and other forms of domestic drilling that doesn’t result in a barrel being filled with crude oil.

But because of Crossroads’ clever language, they aren’t technically lying to the American public.

This isn’t the first time that Crossroads has taken a shot at the President over gas prices. An ad released in late March simply titled “Gas Prices,” tells their untrue story:

Numerous media outlets, including DeSmogBlog, have repeatedly reported on the real cause of the spike in gasoline prices, as well as the increases in domestic energy production. As we’ve pointed out, the causes go far beyond, and are almost completely unrelated, to the President’s policies; having more to do with international markets and practices such as oil speculation.

But it is important to note that American Crossroads, a separate arm of Crossroads GPS, has received millions of dollars from the oil and gas industries in the few short years that it has existed, including $2 million from Chief Oil and Gas, and $1 million from TRT Holdings.

As we inch closer and closer to this year's elections, ads from groups like Crossroads are only going to get more aggressive, and probably more untrue.


Fuel prices were one of the reasons the Howard government ( conservatives) lost government here in Australia in 2007.

People just don’t get it, that fuel prices will only ever go up. They will never go down.

Special interest groups, politicians and fossil fuel companies can get real mileage out of selling mock outrage and there is no real negative if it doesn’t turn out like they say.

Republicans can sell the message that it is all Obama’s fault for higher fuel prices and only if they do one or both of the following will fix it:

A) Drill baby drill

B) Get rid of Obama

It’s a win win situation for Republicans to sell this message. If it helps to get rid of Obama, they win. If drilling increases, more funding flows back to Republicans. If the drilling increases and they end up getting rid of Obama, but fuel prices do not go down. They can say:  

A) “well at least we tried”

B) “Obama held up drilling permits”

Any future increases in fuel prices can be blamed on environmental groups for holding up drilling.


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