Katie Couric: melting ice caps are worth more than 1,000 emails [video]

In her Notebook on Copenhagen, CBS anchor Katie Couric makes a very strong case for why the hacked emails do not undermine the scientific realities of climate science:

“A picture is worth 1,000 emails and pictures of the polar ice caps show a 20% decrease since 1979. NASA images show a thinning of more than 7 inches a year since 2004. What the scientists did was wrong, but most experts agree that the science itself is not and the health of the earth should not be a political issue.”

Watch it:


The problem with what Couric and a lot of her colleagues are saying though is with their growing acceptance that the scientists did something wrong when they did absolutely nothing wrong. This needs to be corrected just as much as the delusional belief that climate change is a hoax.

Hey, hold on. I understand that the British Information Commissioner (or whatever his title is) is still looking at this matter.

And ‘most people in jail’. I have been around for a long time and never heard of a case like that - but there must be plenty of examples in your neck of the woods then. Where do you live?

The investigation is just getting underway. If the law was broken by climate scientists it will be found out soon enough.

It’s actually a fairly minor affair that would get an academic a temporary sanction of some kind.

They’ve been overburdened and frankly harassed by FOI requests. I’ve been shocked to learn that they have to handle so many themselves.

Desmogblog here has likened the sheer number of FOI requests from denialists as a denial of service attack upon the researchers. It’s become so evident lately that they are lacking in support both wrt FOI issues and public relations. They are facing a sheer wall of malice put up by some of the best political PR in the business. That’s not something that reality-based researchers are prepared to deal with.

I’m still waiting on those ten years of private emails from The Heartland Institute. What fun that would be.

No, deleting e-mails to evade a FOI request will get you in jail. I’m a bit surprised you would sanction criminal acts by climate scientists.

Do not, ever, accuse me of sanctioning criminal acts. I clearly did no such thing. I post under my legal name, and take such defamation very seriously.

I am demanding an apology.

This is again the media trying to be “balanced” when it actually distorts the science. It is patently clear from anyone who has a science background and understands peer review that NOTHING wrong was done by Jones or any of the other scientists. But because Couric has zero understanding of science and the process she skews the story with this kind of reporting, passing that skewed perception on to the viewer, giving the hackers, skeptics and thieves credibility they do not deserve.

Is this the same Katie Couric who thought Roosevelt was President when the Crash of ‘29 occurred and got on TV to calm the public? THAT Katie Couric??

katie couric is a washed up hack. Most of you people don’t live in the USA so you don’t know that most people get their news from Rush Limbaugh. He has been number 1 in the media for over 20 years and its because he is so much better than other commentators. I am becoming increasingly annoyed with talk of melting ice because people who believe in global warming are presenting the illusion that all ice is melting and none is growing. You cannot make this claim if you do not have a database or a recording of all the world’s ice, so stop saying it.

Poor Rush. He and Glenn Beck represent the best of the worst of right-wing conservative hacks. Can’t imagine, as some have suggested, that Beck and Palin will be the ticket for the Republican party next time around. So, if ice is growing, give us access to YOUR database that shows where the ice is growing. Oh, about that iceberg drifting towards Australia„„„„„„„„„,

I’d love to give to you access to a database unfortunately I work and don’t have time to travel the globe and make a world index. Oh, and about that iceberg that is drifting toward Australia…it broke of 10 years ago, buddy. Do you think it’s going to crash into Australia or something? Apparently ice isn’t supposed to melt and so I guess ice is permanent. Unbelievable

ironically Presents perhaps the best case for AGW alarmism and when you boil it down all the alarmist arguements come to a causation issue. “We don’t know why the icecaps in the north pole are melting while those in the south pole are growing and we can’t explain why temperature has rissen 1/2 degree inthe past 40 years.” Eureka, It must be carbon emissions!

The same logical process occurs when you have a break in at someones house and look around for the closest black person to pin it on. No real evidence, just suspicion and politics its the AGW way.