Kerry, Gingrich at odds over global-warming strategy

With weekend rallies planned nationwide to highlight the problem, Gingrich, a Republican, said the solution must be a partnership between environmental interests and economic interests, with economics playing a key role.

Kerry, however, said it won’t work to just let the market regulate itself. “No single environmental crisis” in the history of the United States has been “resolved voluntarily,” he added, and that's why government regulation is needed.

Gingrich argued that Kerry’s approach would be unlikely to attract China and India and that “no strategy which does not bring in China and India” will work. He also acknowledged the conflicting interests. “If you ask (countries) to choose between the environment and economic growth, (they) are going to choose economics,” he said.

Despite differences, Kerry and Gingrich predicted a successful end to the climate-change crisis. “It's very important to recognize the adaptability of humans,” Gingrich said. “I think that we have to have optimism.” Added Kerry, “The American genius will meet this challenge.


This is the sort of climate change debate we should have had from the beginning. It makes sense for the right and left to debate over the best policy to deal with climate change. Instead what we had was a debate by politicians on the science of climate change, a job best left to scientists who have achieved consensus a long time ago. The debate on policy, rather that science, can only lead to better climate change solutions, it is about time the right spent its energies making policy and not challenging science. Hopefully this is not just lip service for the benefit of the polls but is the beginning of a trend.

There is a legitimate debate about the best policies to reduce carbon emissions on a world wide basis – too bad about the 10 years or so of “debate” that took us to get to this point.

Oh, you mean the debate that Al Gore is afraid to have?

Yeah, thought so …