Koch Brothers Behind Push To Dismantle EPA

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During last week’s Americans For Prosperity (AFP) event, a common theme kept creeping into the speakers’ presentations: Dismantle the EPA. And as the major funders of AFP, Charles and David Koch are the ones pulling the strings of the American elected officials who keep clamoring for an end to all environmental protections.

Since the new Republican-controlled Congress took over earlier this year, calls for the EPA to be disbanded and general attacks on the agency have been constant. In the last 11 months, we have covered those stories here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. Those in favor of saying goodbye to the EPA include presidential candidates like Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney, elected officials like Republican Representatives Mike Rogers and David McKinley, and even media figures like Fox News’s John Stossel. The attacks include false claims that the agency is destroying jobs, or just general claims that the agency’s usefulness has run its course.

But when you look past those claims, the money from the Koch brotherss and their organizations is all that you can see.

In addition to GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain pledging his loyalty to the Kochs at last week’s event, we were also privy to a rousing anti-EPA speech by Republican representative Mike Pompeo of Kansas. As Think Progress reports, Pompeo told the crowd the following about his efforts to completely strip the EPA of their funding:

“We’re trying. Indeed, I personally tried. … We’ve got a Senate that has a deeply different worldview, and there my bill sits. We won’t be able to slow down the growth of the EPA dramatically until we change the view of folks in Congress, and I speak mostly of the Senate here, and we get a new leader in the White House.”

Lee Fang from Think Progress has detailed Rep. Pompeo’s connections to the Kochs, who have personally been involved with helping Pompeo climb his way into the top 1% of income earners:

Pompeo developed much of his wealth from a firm he founded, Thayer Aerospace, which he ran with investment funds from Koch Industries. According to a December 11, 1998 article in the Wichita Business Journal, “[Pompeo's] company’s capital base is drawn in part from Wichita’s Koch Venture Capital, a division of Koch Industries.” Pompeo sold Thayer in 2006.

Pompeo still relies on Koch for his private wealth. After the sale of Thayer, Pompeo became the President of Sentry International, a business specializing in the manufacture and sale of equipment used in oilfields. Sentry International is a partner to Koch Industries through its Brazilian distributor, GTF Representacoes & Consultoria.

Pompeo won his Republican primary largely with the support of Koch Industries’ PAC, which gave him one of his largest endorsements in March. Despite the fact that Koch Industries is the recipient of tens of millions in federal contracts, Pompeo boasted about the endorsement: “The employees of the Koch Companies have jobs here in the Wichita because of their own hard work and creativity, not because a federal agency deemed it to be so.”

With $31,400 in contributions from KOCHPAC, Koch Industries is by far the greatest contributor to Pompeo’s campaign.

So to be clear, Congressman Pompeo owes not only his election but his personal fortune to the Koch brothers, and now that he is in a position of power, he is doing his best to push their agenda within the chambers of Congress.

The money in politics database organization Open Secrets has a lengthy list of specific legislation that Koch Industries has lobbied for and against. On the “against” list, you’ll find legislation such as the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 – a bill that would have put Americans to work building a green energy infrastructure; the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act – again, a bill that would have created green energy jobs and infrastructure; and the Clean Air Protection Act – a bill that would limit the amount of acceptable emissions into our atmosphere.

The Koch brothers, through their PACs and other organizations, have funded numerous efforts to defeat legislation aimed at reducing pollution or protecting the environment. After all, their companies don't pay the real cost for the pollution they release.

That’s why it is important to follow the money on these stories, especially when dealing with Congress members who are attempting to dismantle the few environmental protections that are currently in place, like Mike Pompeo. Because more often than not, these efforts are supported by fat cat checks from a member of the Koch family.

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No wonder when the EPA does things like finding a fracking chemical in a Wyoming aquifer:


“No wonder when the EPA does things like finding a fracking chemical in a Wyoming aquifer”

Shhh, it doesn’t happen, it’s impossible, etcetera & so forth.

On the other hand, here’s what Obama and the EPA regulotocracy have cost Americans so far:

Delaying the Keystone XL Pipeline until after the 2012 election



Forcing lignite coal plants in Texas to close (EPA)



Gulf Drilling Moratorium (Interior)



EPA’s Cross-State Air Pollution Rule



EPA’s determination that coal ash is a “hazardous waste”



EPA’s shutdown of AEP plants



EPA’s commercial and industrial boiler regulations



Interior Department’s protection of lizards and smelt fish



Jobs killed by the Obama environmental machine


Hey, they didn’t need those stinky ol’ jobs anyway.

I recommend actually citing figures when you post them. The DeSmogBlog commenting interface includes the ability to link to all of your claims. I can only conclude that you're making your “facts” up out of thin air, particularly based on your reluctance to point me in any type of real direction on your “jobs numbers.”

So the real question from me is what fossil fuel corporation are you fronting for on the comment boards?

“I recommend actually citing figures when you post them.”

Those figures are all easily publicly available, for those who aren’t too lazy.

“I can only conclude that you’re making your “facts” up out of thin air”

Coming from someone who’s “citations” usually consist of nothing but cut n’ paste links to Climate Progress, Huffington Post, or some other Soros-funded left wing website, I find the assertion rather amusing.

“So the real question from me is what fossil fuel corporation are you fronting for on the comment boards?”

Exxon, Steve, Exxon.  They leave a plain brown paper bag on my back steps every Wednesday morning.  That bag is filled with cash.  Lots of it.  And also a very nice hand-written thankyou not from the secret leaders of the Freemasons and the International Jewish Banking Conspiracy, as well as a lovely gift card from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Now who’s paying you?

Very seldom, if ever, do I ever cite HuffPo, ClimateProgress, or any of the other Soros “left-wing” websites you mentioned. Soros funds what I would describe as center left to moderate groups, who often I, as someone who is personally further left than these groups and certainly Soros, usually disagree with, in fact.

That said, my paycheck comes from DeSmogBlog's funders, which are available on our website. As for your jobs numbers, I'm happy to take a look at them, but do not have time to “search around on Google for them.” If you had any confidence in the numbers you were citing, and not just shilling for ExxonMobil, you'd just show them to me.

Since I know your real name is not “Cuffy Miegs,” a character from Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, and since I've noticed a trend of the fossil fuel industry shills commenting on these boards on a daily basis (I'm often the comment moderator) under ridiculous psydonyms, how about you take the next step and go beyond telling me who you work for, but say your real name? What's there to hide? You know mine….

“That said, my paycheck comes from DeSmogBlog’s funders, which are available on our website.”

Fair enough, you’re being paid by a PR company and a convicted Internet money-launderer.  (But don’t remind Brendan Demelle of that, he gets extremely irratable when reminded.)

“Since I know your real name is not “Cuffy Miegs,”…”

Really?  How do you know that?

“… a character from Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged …”

Never heard of it.

“… and since I’ve noticed a trend of the fossil fuel industry shills commenting on these boards on a daily basis (I’m often the comment moderator) under ridiculous psydonyms …”

Well, then that’s all the evidence you need.  Another case solved, Matlock!

“… how about you take the next step and go beyond telling me who you work for, but say your real name?”

What is your obsession with that?  Do you intend to start stalking me?  Should I file for a preemptive restraining order right now?  How on Earth is that even relevant?!  Now you’re just being really creepy.

“You know mine….”

Do I?  Or is “Steve Horn” just your nom de guerre?  Since I know you leftists are keen on taking pseudonyms when you do your dirty work, like “Che”, or “Carlos The Jackal”.

So, not only will you not identify yourself, but you've still yet to cite your “jobs reports.” ExxonMobil, quite the company. 

So, let me get this straight – someone who styles himself as a muck-raking, “investigative reporter” claims he “doesn’t have time” to do any of his own research?

Let’s see, according to your Twitter feed, you had plenty of time to participate along with the lice-ridden, entitled, spoiled rabble at “Occupy San Francisco”.  Did you make a sign that complained, “I have no time to use Google!”?

You also had plenty of time to take an active part in a failed flotilla to smuggle weapons to Hamas terrorists.

And yet, you have “no time” to do your own research … by merely using Google.

“ExxonMobil, quite the company.”

How odd that you unquestioningly take me at my word when I tell you I work for Exxon (a rather colourful and far-fetched idea, at best) – and yet for anything that contradicts your preconcieved notions, you stridently demand “citations”.

Not very consistent, are you?

“Those figures are all easily publicly available, for those who aren’t too lazy.”

Wow, that’s a beauty. I wish i could use that one at Uni when it comes time to hand in essay’s.

Lecturer: Phil, where are your references, where is the citation?!

Phil: “Those figures are all easily publicly available, for those who aren’t too lazy.”

Lecturer: “Oh I see, thanks for the tip. I will spend hours of my time to check whether you are full of crap or not”.

Phil : “That’s the ticket!”



Cuffy, all I ever hear is people saying Obama is just GWB part 2 & that he is doing nothing as far as CO2 mitigation goes. Sometimes it takes ones enemies to point out ones success. Something ones enemy is bitter about, you can usually chalk up as a success. You have certainly done that with this comment. This is good news & shows that he is actually tackling climate change, albeit, with very small steps & surreptitiously, but well done anyway I say. Considering there is a cleantech boom under way, those numbers will be absorbed quite easily.

I don’t suppose you have some links to those figures? I would like to bookmark them for the future.

Who says you never bring anything good to this board eh Cuffy?

“Considering there is a cleantech boom under way, those numbers will be absorbed quite easily.”

Easily!  2.7 million people will be happily employed manufacturing windmills and solar panels.

Oh, wait.  I forgot to mention:

Solyndra – 1290 permanently laid-off.


Obama Admin. Pushed Solyndra Layoff Announcement Until After Election


So much for your “cleantech boom” …

“Easily!  2.7 million people “

Oh Cuffy, you’re just the gift that keeps on giving. 2.7M directly removed from the fossil fuel production side? This happening faster than I thought over & is great news. You my Tea party mate, are a bearer of good news! Fantastic effort Obama & you guys at the EPA, keep up the good work!

“will be happily employed manufacturing windmills and solar panels.”

Yes! Now your onto it. I will add a little to your list.

1) Geothermal

2) Wave energy

3) Alternative fuels

3) Building fabrication firms

4) Window & door manufacturers

5) Insulation companies

6) Engine manufacturers

7) Vehicle systems

8) Lighting installers & manufacturers

9) Consultancies

10 ) Architects

11) Engineers

12) Recyclers

The list goes on, go to town.


Clean tech jobs provided precisely 2.7M (thanks for providing the nice neat figure) in 2010 & it is growing fast.


The fossil fuel economy employs less & less people due to mechanization & muppetization.

Oh, wait.  I forgot to mention:

Solyndra – 1290 permanently laid-off.”

Apparently they were the only cleantech company in the country according to you.