Koch Brothers fund Fraser Institute

Hats off to Alexis Stoymenoff at the Vancouver Observer for turning up evidence that the Koch Brothers have been ladling money into Canada's own climate dissembling Fraser Institute since at least 2008.

It helps to answer why a so-called “think” tank - even one so ideologically hidebound as the Fraser Institute - would compromise its credibility by producing and promoting pathetic and manipulative minsinformation for children.

Now we understand that there is a good free enterprise answer: they're getting paid.


It is good news since now we and Harper and Oliver, will know that there is probably more (a lot more) money funding proponents of the pipeline than funding opponents.

I hope Harper sticks to his word when he said:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper: There are environmentalists who will oppose any of these projects.  Obviously, there will be environmental assessments and there always have to be negotiations with First Nations but that all said, this is a critical and important project to Canada as a whole.

Global TV: Canadian opposition may not be the only stumbling block.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper: I think we’ll see significant American interests trying to line up against the Northern Gateway project, precisely because its not in the interests of the United States. Its in the interests of Canada.

Global TV: Could they do anything to stop it?

Prime Minister Harper: Well, they’ll funnel money through environmental groups and others in order to try to slow it down but, as I say, we’ll make sure that the best interests of Canada are protected”.


However I’m not holding my breath since politicians only ever see one side of the coin, that side which has their name on it. I’m sure he will do what benefits himself and his American friends.


Harper\Kent\Ethical Oil are planning to crack down on environmental oganizations.

It started by labeling them as adversaries who take money from foreign agencies who are trying to manipulate Canadian policies. More recently they have signaled an intent to go over tax records in extreme detail in an effort to paint them as a foreign interest (and of course make them pay back taxes).


Rick Mercer Report even made fun of Harper’s Half Assed attempts to do this;


So the good news is that the Fraser Institute which claims to be a Canadian charity\think tank is now actively engaged in pushing the Northern Gateway pipeline will also warrant a crack down.  (It’s board of directors all tied to the oil industry.)

Ok, I see. Still, though, none of this really is good news: the Northern Gateway pipeline, Koch’s funding of the Fraser Institute, or the Harper crackdown on environmental groups. It’s revelatory to know one of the F.I.’s funding sources, but not good to know the source turns out to be one that has extremely deep pockets.

Anyway, I did’t want to make a big deal out of this, but it just seemed slightly odd to me to characterize this as ‘good’ news.

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