Koch Family Foundations

Koch Family Foundations

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The Koch Family has spent more than ExxonMobil in order to fund organizations and projects questioning mainstream science behind man-made climate change. Greenpeace has put that total at over $88 million to 80 groups denying climate change since 1997[1]

The Koch Family Foundations include the David H. Koch Foundation, the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation, and the Claude R. Lambe Charitable Foundation (disbanded as of 2013), and the Knowledge and Progress Fund.

The Koch brothers — Charles and the late David Koch — are the co-owners of Koch Industries, the largest privately-owned energy company in the United States. According to the Koch Family Foundations website, “Koch family foundations and philanthropy are grounded in the belief that free societies are the greatest generators of social progress, sustainable prosperity and well-being.” David Koch passed away on August 23, 2019. [16]

Other lesser-known Koch foundations include the Koch Cultural Trust (formerly the Kansas Cultural Trust), The Fred and Mary Koch Foundation, and the Charles Koch Institute. [2]

Charles Koch leads the foundation that shares his name, while Charles and his family also sat on the board of the Claude R. Lambe Foundation, which was led by Richard Fink. Charles also leads the Knowledge and Progress Fund, of which Fink is President. 

DeSmogBlog 's special 2012 report, “Fake science, fakexperts, funny finances, free of tax” (PDF), compiled by computer scientist John R. Mashey provides insight into Koch's funding of the climate change skeptic network at the time. [14] In addition to his own foundation, David H. Koch also serves on the boards of the Cato Instute, the Reason Foundation, and the Americans for Prosperity Foundation. [3]

The Center for Media and Democracy's SourceWatch reports how the Koch Foundations also have ties to DonorsTrust, a “donor-advised fund” which obscures the identity of individual donors. Mother Jones called DonorsTrust “the dark-money ATM of the conservative movement.” According to SourceWatch, the Koch brothers are “are key funders of the right-wing infrastructure, including the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and the State Policy Network (SPN).” [4][5] 

report by the Center for Public Integrity lists a number of DonorsTrust funders that also have ties to the Koch brothers including the Knowledge and Progress Fund, one of the group's largest known contributors, which donated nearly $9 million from 2005 to 2012. Other contributors known to have donated at least $1 million to DonorsTrust include the Richard and Helen DeVos FoundationDonald & Paula Smith Family FoundationSearle Freedom TrustLynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, and the John M. Olin Foundation[6]

Koch Family Foundation 990s

In addition to the below documents, see the GreenPeace Polluterwatch project's archive of Koch Foundation 990 forms here.

David H. Koch Foundation (EIN 48-0926946)

The Koch Family Foundations website describes David Koch as a “passionate believer in free societies,” who has funded “research and education programs that analyze how freedom creates prosperity and advances social progress.” 

990 Forms

Charles G. Koch Foundation (EIN 48-0918408)

990 Forms

Claude R. Lambe Charitable Foundation (EIN 48-0935563)

* The Claude R. Lambe Charitable foundation disbanded in March, 2013. See their last-filed 2013 Form 990 for details.

990 Forms

Knowledge and Progress Fund (EIN 54-1899251)

990 Forms

Charles Koch Institute (EIN 27-4967732)

The Charles Koch Institute was established in 2011 and is active in the area of professional education, research and training programs for careers in advancing economic freedom. It runs the Koch Internship Program, the Koch Associate Program, and [email protected]

According to their website, “Through the Institute’s professional education, research, and training programs, we work to prepare professionals for careers that improve well-being by advancing free societies.” [7]

The Charles Koch Institute's 2013 990 form (PDF) states that their mission is the “advancement of liberty and economic freedom by educating students in a classroom.” [8]

990 Forms

Fred and Mary Koch Foundation (EIN 48-6113560)

The Fred and Mary Koch Foundation currently supports “the arts, youth development programs and education” in Kansas. [15]

990 Forms

Stance on Climate Change

As reported by Greenpeace, The Koch Family has contributed at least $88,810,770 million to fund organizations and projects questioning mainstream science behind man-made climate change since 1997. [1]

Funding Highlights

The following information was originally compiled by Greenpeace USA.[1] 

*Note: The following data includes values prior to 1997, which cannot be verified with available 990 forms. To exclude unverified totals, see the attached spreadsheet for Koch Foundation grants by year (.xlsx).

Organization Charles Koch Foundation Charles Koch Institute Claude R. Lambe Charitable Foundation David H. Koch Charitable Foundation Grand Total
Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University $28,734,577 $117,880 $2,340,074 $3,050,000 $34,242,531
Cato Institute $3,391,460 $35,541 $9,817,350 $4,043,240 $17,287,591
Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) $674,484 $5,700,375 $5,956,853 $12,331,712
Mercatus Center, George Mason University $9,085,500 $200,000 $9,285,500
Americans for Prosperity Foundation (formerly CSE Foundation) $365,441 $138,983 $4,693,225 $1,000,000 $6,197,649
Heritage Foundation, The $587,754 $5,262,571 $5,850,325
Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies $1,708,723 $6,400 $1,956,500 $3,671,623
Reason Foundation $365,158 $31,400 $1,157,000 $1,522,212 $3,075,770
Manhattan Institute for Policy Research $520,662 $39,400 $2,100,000 $50,000 $2,710,062
Center for the Study of Market Processes (precursor to Mercatus) $1,095,297 $810,768 $250,000 $2,156,065
American Legislative Exchange Council $1,149,712 $72,978 $720,000 $1,942,690
American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research $1,831,256 $7,365 $1,838,621
Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy $462,000 $905,000 $400,800 $1,767,800
Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment FREE $110,500 $1,540,000 $1,650,500
Washington Legal Foundation $2,500 $1,605,000 $1,607,500
Strata Policy, Inc $1,430,000 $51,000 $1,481,000
Tax Foundation $637,300 $13,800 $495,000 $1,146,100
Fraser Institute, The $1,084,721 $30,000 $1,114,721
Texas Public Policy Foundation $525,374 $32,623 $549,000 $1,106,997
Independent Women's Forum $9,115 $835,000 $844,115
Competitive Enterprise Institute $148,903 $11,020 $364,820 $315,000 $839,743
Daily Caller News Foundation $777,614 $48,200 $825,814
National Center for Policy Analysis $50,674 $460,000 $260,000 $770,674
Capital Research Center $74,200 $650,000 $724,200
Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty $586,250 $15,000 $115,000 $716,250
George C. Marshall Institute $200,000 $420,000 $620,000
American Council on Capital Formation $125,000 $475,000 $600,000
Atlas Economic Research Foundation $343,460 $36,600 $28,500 $408,560
Property and Environment Research Center $268,144 $140,000 $408,144
Center for the National Interest $390,000 $390,000
Institute for Energy Research $97,032 $43,091 $235,000 $375,123
Humane Studies Foundation $300,000 $300,000
James Madison Institute $253,479 $35,000 $288,479
Philanthropy Roundtable $273,954 $7,636 $281,590
Frontiers of Freedom $160,000 $175,000 $335,000
Leadership Institute $118,489 $30,400 $109,500 $258,389
Center for Independent Thought $95,000 $140,000 $235,000
Smithsonian Institute Astrophysical Observatory (Willie Soon) $230,000 $230,000
Students for Liberty $190,435 $13,800 $204,235
Ayn Rand Institute (ARI) $47,400 $18,600 $125,000 $191,000
Environmental Literacy Council $130,000 $50,000 $180,000
National Taxpayers Union Foundation $109,589 $30,960 $27,500 $168,049
American Council on Science and Health $155,000 $6,000 $161,000
Independent Institute $160,000 $160,000
John Locke Foundation $79,472 $80,000 $159,472
Independence Institute $75,000 $16,000 $50,000 $141,000
Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity $96,107 $36,800 $132,907
Encounter for Education and Culture $125,000 $125,000
Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) $61,767 $55,900 $117,667
Illinois Policy Institute $113,337 $113,337
Americans for Tax Reform $110,000 $110,000
State Policy Network $46,161 $5,200 $49,000 $100,361
Heartland Institute $60,000 $40,000 $100,000
Council for National Policy $100,000 $100,000
Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change $85,000 $85,000
Mackinac Center for Public Policy $79,151 $5,000 $84,151
Hudson Institute $62,650 $20,000 $82,650
Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives $65,916 $10,000 $75,916
Goldwater Institute $75,000 $75,000
American Spectator Foundation $61,270 $8,109 $4,500 $73,879
Center for Freedom & Prosperity Foundation $54,266 $54,266
Education Action Group Foundation $45,000 $45,000
Rio Grande Foundation $30,000 $10,000 $40,000
Future of Freedom Foundation $35,000 $35,000
Nevada Policy Research Institute $32,500 $32,500
Civitas Institute, John William Pope $2,500 $28,625 $31,125
Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) $19,252 $10,500 $29,752
America's Future Foundation (AFF) $26,920 $26,920
Institute of World Politics $25,000 $25,000
Liberty on the Rocks $25,000 $25,000
National Review Institute $21,626 $21,626
John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy $20,000 $20,000
MacIver Institute for Public Policy $17,500 $17,500
Free Market Environmental Law Clinic $16,185 $16,185
Collegians For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT Campus) $16,097 $16,097
Media Research Center $975 $14,030 $15,005
Kansas Policy Institute $5,000 $10,000 $15,000
Remnant Foundation $15,000 $15,000
The Undercurrent (TU Publications) $14,000 $14,000
Alabama Policy Institute $14,000 $14,000
Grassroots Institute of Hawaii $10,000 $10,000
Maine Heritage Policy Center $7,500 $7,500
Washington Policy Center $5,000 $5,000
Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) $4,800 $4,800
American Conservative Union Foundation $3,000 $3,000
Grand Total $59,664,622 $1,193,648 $44,753,363 $17,584,105 $123,195,738

Koch University Funding

Greenpeace has extensively documented Koch's funding of American universities. Their most recent data totals over $100M in funding to 364 univerties and colleges. According to Greenpeace's report titled “Koch Pollution on Campus,” there is “Evidence at schools like George Mason University, Florida State University, Clemson University and Suffolk University fits a familiar pattern: Charles Koch expects a specific return on his large investments.“ [9]

According to SourceWatch, university faculty affiliated with the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) have “consistently condemned the contracts that Charles Koch Foundation has arranged with universities receiving large grants for violating the longstanding principles of academic freedom and shared governance.” [10]

Politico Magazine reported on the Koch's strategy for funding universities in a 2014 article titled “Charles Koch's Brain”: [11]

“The plan he and Koch eventually set in motion involved a three-tiered model in which the production, packaging and marketing of ideas was akin to the manufacturing of Lycra (one of Koch Industries’ signature products). Their plan for bringing about a free-market epoch and the business model of Koch Industries—gathering raw materials and refining them into more valuable products consumers desire—were basically one and the same.
To facilitate the production of these raw materials, Koch pumped millions of dollars into hundreds of universities. These contributions—which totaled nearly $31 million from 2007 to 2011 alone—have gone to endow professorships, underwrite free-market economics programs and sponsor conferences for libertarian thinkers. (Koch was not a passive investor: When his foundation provided $1.5 million to hire a pair of economics professors at Florida State University, his representatives insisted on a contract with the school that gave them veto power over job candidates.)
Step two of the process, Fink once explained in Philanthropy magazine, entailed taking the intellectual output of these academic programs, ideas 'often unintelligible to the layperson and seemingly unrelated to real-world problems,' and refining them into a 'useable form.'
This was the domain of the Cato Institute, Mercatus and the dozens of other free-market, antiregulatory policy shops that Charles, David and their foundations have supported. Organizations like these churned out reports, position papers and op-eds arguing for the privatization of Social Security; fingering public employee unions for causing state budget crises; attempting to debunk climate science; and making the case for slashing the welfare system and Medicaid.
The third piece of the master plan was mobilizing citizen-activists—or at least creating the illusion of a grass-roots groundswell. These activists would agitate for the same policies the academics had conceptualized and the think tanks had refined into talking points and policy prescriptions. As David Koch once explained, 'What we needed was a sales force.'”
DeSmogBlog reports how George Mason University and the associated George Mason University Foundation have received over $35 million from Koch Family charitable Foundations from 2005 to 2013. Notably, Koch also has personnel involved with the university including Richard Fink who servies on the board of directors of the Mercatus Center and the Institute for Humane Studies. [12]
The Huffington Post reported how the Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University worked to find “liberty-minded” teachers willing to focus on a libertarian message while other groups funded by the Kochs, like Youth Entrepreneurs, focused on high school students with the underlying goal “to impart Koch's radical free-market ideology to teenagers.” [13]
Greenpeace's data summarized below: [9]
School City State Total contributions (2005 - 2015)
George Mason University Foundation Fairfax VA $58,827,554
George Mason University - Institute for Humane Studies (IHS) Arlington VA $28,077,092
George Mason University - Mercatus Center Arlington VA $8,658,500
Florida State University Tallahassee FL $2,391,687
Texas Tech University Lubbock TX $2,159,500
Jack Miller Center (nonprofit, finances universities) Buffalo Grove IL $2,101,500
Utah State University Logan UT $2,048,500
West Virginia University Foundation Morgantown WV $1,596,150
Clemson University Clemson SC $1,527,456
Utah State University - Strata Policy, Inc Logan UT $1,481,600
University of Texas, Austin Austin TX $1,387,608
Southern Methodist University Dallas TX $1,221,800
Arizona State University Foundation Tempe AZ $1,172,927
University of Arizona Foundation Tuscon AZ $1,155,565
Troy University Foundation Troy AL $1,110,960
Catholic University of America Washington DC $1,045,500
Suffolk University Boston MA $1,005,328
Brown University Providence RI $828,356
George Washington University Washington DC $775,133
Purdue University West Lafayette IN $754,000
University of Louisville Louisville KY $704,855
Kansas University Endowment Association Lawrence KS $695,217
Georgetown University Washington DC $671,000
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill Chapel Hill NC $630,300
Florida Southern College Lakeland FL $600,000
Creighton University Omaha NE $594,000
Indiana University Foundation Bloomington IN $579,100
Texas A&M University College Station TX $545,561
Kansas State University Foundation Manhattan KS $517,254
Fort Hays State University Foundation Hays KS $507,000
University of Chicago Chicago IL $460,000
Northwestern University Evanston IL $459,954
Baylor University Waco TX $443,263
Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT Cambridge MA $405,978
Ohio State University Columbus OH $374,000
Friends University Wichita KS $359,620
Grove City College Grove City PA $354,324
New York University New York NY $344,000
University of Wisconsin Foundation - Madison Madison WI $311,058
Auburn University Auburn AL $300,000
College of Charleston Foundation Charleston SC $258,555
McGill University Montreal QC Canada $253,100
Hillsdale College Hillsdale MI $250,563
Brooklyn Law School New York NY $250,000
San Jose State University Foundation San Jose CA $246,900
Oklahoma State University Foundation Stillwater OK $242,400
Newman University Wichita KS $238,000
Harvard University Cambridge MA $237,500
Ohio University Foundation Athens OH $237,128
Florida Gulf Coast University Foundation Fort Myers FL $230,546
Mississippi State University Mississippi State MS $229,335
Hampden-Sydney College Hampden Sydney VA $229,100
Loyola University New Orleans New Orleans LA $228,000
University of Notre Dame Notre Dame IN $219,650
St. John's University Queens NY $204,562
University of Missouri - Columbia Columbia MO $192,118
Beloit College Beloit WI $191,500
University of Kentucky Lexington KY $182,500
Johnson and Wales University Charlotte NC $178,000
Chapman University Orange CA $177,000
Wichita State University Wichita KS $158,000
Claremont McKenna College Claremont CA $147,400
Claremont Graduate University Claremont CA $145,000
Southern Illinois University - Carbondale Carbondale IL $142,705
Michigan State University East Lansing MI $136,230
University of Georgia Foundation Athens GA $131,100
Metropolitan State University Denver Foundation Denver CO $127,840
Duquesne University Pittsburgh PA $125,500
Wake Forest University Winston Salem NC $124,310
Indiana University - Indianapolis Indianapolis IN $122,500
Berry College Mount Berry GA $117,600
Georgia State University Foundation Atlanta GA $117,300
James Madison University Harrisonburg VA $116,905
Stanford University Stanford CA $115,000
Trinity College Hartford CT $112,753
Azusa Pacific University Azusa CA $111,500
St. Lawrence University Canton NY $111,500
Regent University Virginia Beach VA $111,000
Duke University Durham NC $104,781
Mercer University Macon GA $102,524
Acton Business School Austin TX $100,000
Patrick Henry College Purcellville VA $99,900
University of Dallas Irving TX $98,000
University of Dayton Dayton OH $93,250
University of Michigan Ann Arbor MI $92,607
San Diego State University Research Foundation San Diego CA $92,200
College of New Jersey Ewing NJ $90,410
Rhodes College Memphis TN $89,300
Christopher Newport University Educational Foundation Newport News VA $89,000
Northwood University Midland MI $88,000
University of Alaska, Fairbanks Fairbanks AK $86,800
Montana State University - Bozeman Bozeman MT $86,500
Emporia State University Foundation Emporia KS $85,700
University of Richmond Richmond VA $85,475
University of San Diego San Diego CA $84,320
Western Michigan University Kalamazoo MI $83,511
Rockford College Rockford IL $83,350
Salisbury University Salisbury MD $81,000
Stephen F. Austin State University Nacogdoches TX $79,649
University of Central Arkansas Foundation Conway AR $76,875
Western Carolina University Cullowhee NC $76,500
Seton Hall University South Orange NJ $75,016
Pennsylvania State University - University Park University Park PA $75,000
Western Kentucky University Bowling Green KY $73,700
Campbell University Buies Creek NC $70,693
University of New Orleans Foundation New Orleans LA $69,500
University of Texas Pan American Foundation Edinburg TX $69,300
North Carolina State University Raleigh NC $68,712
Bethel College Meshawaka IN $65,705
Dartmouth College Hanover NH $65,000
University of Maryland - College Park College Park MD $64,883
University of Virginia Charlottesville VA $64,600
Pepperdine University Malibu CA $63,650
Sarah Lawrence College Bronxville NY $63,500
West Texas A&M University Canyon TX $63,000
American University Washington DC $61,500
Boise State University Foundation Boise ID $61,320
University of Colorado Foundation Boulder CO $61,000
Priceton University Princeton NJ $60,000
University of Nebraska, Omaha Omaha NE $59,949
George Fox University Newberg OR $58,842
Ball State University Muncie IN $58,600
Hope College Holland MI $58,500
State University of New York (SUNY) - Plattsburgh Plattsburgh NY $58,500
St. Vincent College Latrobe PA $57,500
State University of New York (SUNY) Research Foundation New York NY $56,610
Illinois State University Normal IL $55,000
Samford University Birmingham AL $55,000
Kings College, the New York NY $54,170
University of Houston Houston TX $53,500
Georgia College & State University Milledgeville GA $53,330
College of William and Mary Williamsburg VA $52,260
Biola University La Miranda CA $51,260
Wesleyan University Macon GA $50,000
Stonehill College Easton MA $49,494
University of West Florida Foundation Pensacola FL $49,000
Charleston Southern University Charleston SC $48,500
Kennesaw State University Kennesaw GA $48,500
Virginia Military Institute Lexington VA $48,500
Benedictine College Atchison KS $48,000
Cedarville University Cedarville OH $48,000
California State University - East Bay Hayward CA $47,000
Winston-Salem State University Winston Salem NC $45,700
Barton College Wilson NC $45,480
Northern Illinois University Dekalb IL $45,000
St. Cloud State University Foundation Saint Cloud MN $44,700
Coastal Carolina University Conways SC $44,300
Providence College Providence RI $44,217
Middle Tennessee State University Foundation Murfreesboro TN $43,550
North Park University Chicago IL $42,700
University of South Alabama Mobile AL $42,581
Eastern University Saint Davids PA $42,500
Kenyon College Gambier OH $42,500
University of California, Los Angeles Foundation Los Angeles CA $41,426
St. Ambrose University Davenport IA $41,400
California State University - Long Beach Long Beach CA $41,000
Lake Forest College Lake Forest IL $41,000
Ashland University Ashland OH $40,000
La Sierra University Corona CA $40,000
Murray State University Murray KY $38,442
Renssalear Polytechnic Institute Troy NY $38,000
McKendree University Lebanon IL $37,000
Iowa State University Ames IA $36,652
James Sprunt Community College Kenansville NC $36,000
University of St. Thomas Houston TX $36,000
Washington College Chestertown MD $36,000
St. John Fisher College Rochester NY $35,500
University of Akron Akron OH $34,749
University of Maryland - Baltimore County Baltimore MD $34,600
Lindenwood University Saint Charles MO $34,500
Johns Hopkins University Baltimore MD $34,000
Montclair State University Montclair NJ $33,271
University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa Tuscaloosa AL $32,950
North Dakota State University Fargo ND $32,500
University of Wisconsin - La Crosse La Crosse WI $32,500
Robert Morris University Moon Township PA $32,000
National University La Jolla CA $31,235
Northwestern Oklahoma State University Foundation Alva OK $30,750
Houghton College Houghton NY $30,700
Loyola University Chicago Chicago IL $30,252
Carthage College Kenosha WI $30,000
Lee University Cleveland TN $30,000
University of Tulsa Tulsa OK $30,000
High Point University High Point NC $29,800
Georgia Tech Atlanta GA $29,718
University of Texas, Arlington Arlington TX $29,500
Rogers State University Foundation Claremore OK $29,000
Northwest University Kirkland WA $28,000
Southern Utah University Cedar City UT $27,600
Fayetteville State University Fayetteville NC $27,000
Jacksonville State University Jacksonville AL $27,000
Millikin University Decatur IL $27,000
St. Bonaventure University St. Bonaventure NY $27,000
University of Tennessee - Chattanooga Chattanooga TN $27,000
Texas State University - San Marcos San Marcos TX $26,796
California State University - San Bernardino San Bernardino CA $26,700
Ramapo College Foundation Mahwah NJ $26,300
St. Edwards University Austin TX $26,250
Alma College Alma MI $26,175
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Fayetteville AR $26,174
Albany State University Foundation Albany GA $26,000
Long Island University Brookville NY $26,000
Case Western Reserve University Cleveland OH $25,000
Lakeland College Sheboygan WI $25,000
University of Tennessee - Knoxville Knoxville TN $25,000
Georgia Gwinnett College Foundation Lawrenceville GA $24,500
Morehead State University Morehead KY $24,300
Webber International University Babson Park FL $24,100
Radford University Radford VA $24,000
Louisiana State University Foundation Baton Rouge LA $23,340
Notre Dame College South Euclid OH $23,000
Yeshiva University New York NY $23,000
California State University - Fresno Foundation Fresno CA $22,500
Saint Francis University Loretto PA $22,500
Wellesley College Wellesley MA $22,000
University of Texas at El Paso Edinburg TX $21,975
University of Arkansas, Little Rock Little Rock AR $21,855
Northeastern State University Tahlequah Tahlequah OK $21,600
Wofford College Spartanburg SC $21,500
University of Minnesota - Duluth Duluth MN $21,100
Arkansas Tech University Russellville AR $21,000
Rutgers University - Camden Camden NJ $21,000
University of Nevada Reno Foundation Reno NV $21,000
University of Virginia's College at Wise Wise VA $21,000
California State University - Chico Chico CA $20,832
Houston Baptist University Houston TX $20,500
University of Colorado - Colorado Springs Colorado Springs CO $20,500
Liberty University Lynchburg VA $20,000
Shasta College Foundation Redding CA $20,000
Appalachian State University Boone NC $19,500
Bowling Green State University Foundation Bowling Green OH $19,000
Florida Atlantic University Boca Raton FL $19,000
Northwest Nazarene University Nampa ID $19,000
Wheaton College Wheaton IL $18,900
Manhattanville College Purchase NY $18,500
Washington University - St. Louis St. Louis MO $18,329
Chestnut Hill College Philadelphia PA $17,500
St. Mary's College of Maryland Saint Mary's City MD $17,500
Eastern Florida State College Cocoa FL $17,000
Emory University Atlanta GA $17,000
University of Washington Seattle WA $16,997
Towson University Foundation Towson MD $16,650
University of Mississippi Oxford MS $16,364
Roosevelt University Chicago IL $16,350
Presbyterian College Clinton SC $16,243
Mount Holyoke College South Hadley MA $16,055
Oxford College of Emory University Oxford GA $16,000
University of Maine - Machias Machias ME $16,000
Susquehanna University Selinsgrove PA $15,700
Delaware State University Foundation Dover DE $15,422
Christendom College Front Royal VA $15,200
King's College London London UK $15,000
Methodist University Fayetteville NC $15,000
Oglethorpe University Atlanta GA $15,000
University of California, Irvine Irvine CA $15,000
University of California, Riverside Foundation Riverside CA $15,000
University of Nevada - Las Vegas Las Vegas NV $15,000
University of Pennsylvania Wynnewood PA $15,000
West Liberty University West Liberty WV $15,000
Malone University Canton OH $14,980
University of Alabama, Huntsville Huntsville AL $14,974
Pennsylvania State University - Erie Erie PA $14,500
Hanover College Hanover IN $14,300
Souther Illinois University - Edwardsville Edwardsville IL $14,300
University of North Carolina - Greensboro Greensboro NC $14,300
University of Tampa Tampa FL $14,000
Ursinus College Collegeville PA $14,000
Seattle Pacific University Seattle WA $13,500
Cornell University Ithaca NY $13,000
Gustavus Adolphus College St. Peter MN $13,000
Skidmore College Saratoga Springs NY $12,600
College of the Sequoias Foundation Visalia CA $12,000
Corban University Salem OR $12,000
University of Memphis Memphis TN $11,900
Andrew College Cuthbert GA $11,800
University of Texas, San Antonio San Antonio TX $11,500
East Carolina University Greenville NC $11,113
University of New Haven West Haven CT $11,000
Trinity University San Antonio TX $10,837
University of South Florida Founation Tampa FL $10,700
Pittsburg State University Foundation Pittsburg KS $10,600
Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester NY $10,500
Linfield College McMinnville OR $10,427
University of Illinois, Springfield Springfield IL $10,375
Southern University at New Orleans New Orleans LA $10,100
Rutgers University New Brunswick NJ $10,074
Augustana College Sioux Falls SD $10,000
Central Carolina Community College Foundation Sanford NC $10,000
Foundation for Grossmost & Cuyamaca Colleges El Cajon CA $10,000
Northwestern College - Iowa Orange City IA $10,000
Midwestern State University Foundation Wichita Falls TX $9,800
Carroll College Helena MT $9,600
University of Wisconsin - Green Bay Green Bay WI $9,500
Winthrop University Rock Hill SC $9,500
Colgate University Hamilton NY $9,331
College of Coastal Georgia Foundation Brunswick GA $9,000
Colorado College Colorado Springs CO $9,000
John Brown University Siloam Springs AR $9,000
Randolph-Macon College Ashland VA $9,000
Translyvania University Lexington KY $9,000
University of Oklahoma Norman OK $9,000
University of Rochester Rochester NY $9,000
Nicholls State University Thibodaux LA $8,805
Milligan College Milligan College TN $8,800
Saginaw Valey State University University Center MI $8,590
Judson University Elgin IL $8,500
Lipscomb University Nashville TN $8,400
Virginia Tech Blacksburg VA $8,400
Hollins University Roanoke VA $8,100
Delta State University Cleveland MS $8,000
Hampton University Hampton VA $8,000
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Terre Haute IN $8,000
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary Wake Forest NC $8,000
University of San Francisco San Francisco CA $8,000
Wheeling Jesuit University Wheeling WV $8,000
Stillman College Tuscaloosa AL $7,500
Texas Christian University Fort Worth TX $7,500
University of Hawaii Hilo HI $7,500
Wisconsin Lutheran College Milwaukee WI $7,500
College of the Holy Cross Worcester MA $7,300
University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire Eau Claire WI $7,082
Arizona Christian University Phoenix AZ $7,000
Athens State University Athens AL $7,000
Buena Vista University Storm Lake IA $7,000
Concordia University Wisconsin Mequon WI $7,000
University of North Alabama Foundation Florence AL $7,000
University of North Texas Denton TX $7,000
Roanoke College Salem VA $6,900
Henderson State University Arkadelphia AR $6,515
Ave Maria University Naples FL $6,500
Birmingham Southern College Birmingham AL $6,500
Clafin University Orangeburg SC $6,500
Sam Houston State University Huntsville TX $6,500
University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh PA $6,500
Allegheny College Meadville PA $6,000
Assumption College Worcester MA $6,000
Citadel Foundation, The Charleston SC $6,000
Concordia College New York Bronxville NY $6,000
Elizabethtown College Elizabethtown PA $6,000
Ohio Christian University Circleville OH $6,000
St. Michael's College Colchester VT $6,000
Tulane University New Orleans LA $6,000
University of Mary Hardin-Baylor Helton TX $6,000
Waynesburg University Waynesburg PA $6,000
Whitman College Walla Walla WA $6,000
Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh PA $5,850
University of Maine - Orono Portland ME $5,800
University of Delaware Newark DE $5,700
University of California, Davis Davis CA $5,561
Lebanon Valley College Annville PA $5,500
William Jewell College Liberty MO $5,100
Boston College Boston MA $5,000
Brooklyn College Foundation Brooklyn NY $5,000
California State University - Northridge Foundation Northridge CA $5,000
Columbia University New York NY $5,000
Eureka College Eureka IL $5,000
Ferris State University Big Rapids MI $5,000
Gannon University Erie PA $5,000
Geneva College Beaver Falls PA $5,000
Harding University Searcy AR $5,000
Jacksonville University Jacksonville FL $5,000
Lagrange College Lagrange GA $5,000
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich Munich GER $5,000
Millsaps College Jackson MS $5,000
Santa Clara University Santa Clara CA $5,000
Southern Virginia University Buena Vista VA $5,000
State University of New York (SUNY) - Purchase Purchase NY $5,000
Syracuse University Syacuse NY $5,000
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Urbana IL $5,000
University of Manchester Manchester UK $5,000
University of North Carolina - Pembroke Pembroke NC $5,000
Vassar College Poughkeepsie NY $5,000
Wake Technical Community College Raleigh NC $5,000
Walden University Minneapolis MN $5,000
Washington and Lee University Lexington VA $5,000
Yale University New Haven CT $5,000
University of Alabama, Birmingham Birmingham AL $4,874
Bryan College Dayton TN $4,800
Baldwin-Wallace University Berea OH $4,500
Southwestern Law School Los Angeles CA $4,000
McNeese University Lake Charles LA $3,200
College of Saint Rose Albany NY $3,150
Cornell College (Iowa) Mount Vernon IA $3,000
Hofstra University Hempstead NY $3,000
San Jacinto College Houston TX $3,000
St. Anselm College Manchester NH $3,000
Westmont College Santa Barbara CA $3,000
Wingate University Wingate NC $3,000
University of Connecticut Storrs CT $2,500
Washburn University Foundation Topeka KS $2,500
University of Mary Bismarck ND $2,400
Brigham Young University Provo UT $2,000
Central Michigan University Mount Pleasant MI $2,000
Menlo College Atherton CA $2,000
York College of Pennsylvania York PA $2,000
Mount St. Mary's University Emmitsburg MD $1,800
Austin Peay State University Clarksville TN $1,200
Northern Michigan University Marquette MI $1,000
Tuskegee University Tuskegee AL $525
City College of New York (CCNY) New York NY
City University of New York (CUNY) Research Foundation New York NY
Cleary University Ann Arbor MI
Thurgood Marshall College Fund
Rice University Houston TX
Grand Total $144,564,489

Key People

David H. Koch Foundation

As of 2013's form 990-PF:

  • David H. Koch — President/Director
  • Ruth E. Williams — Secretary
  • Heather Love — Treasurer

Charles G. Koch Foundation

As of 2013's form 990-PF:

  • Charles Chase Koch — Director
  • Elizabeth B. Koch — Director
  • Charles G. Koch — Director/Chairman
  • Heather Love — Treasurer
  • Brian Menkes — Secretary
  • Richard H. Fink — President/Director

As of 2013's form 990-PF, “highest paid employees” included:

  • Charles Ruger — PGM OFF Higher Education
  • Ryan Stowers — PGM Dir Higher Education
  • Derek Johnson — PGM OFF Higher Education
  • Adam Kissel PGM OFF University Investment
  • Brennan Brown — PGM OFF Academic Program

Claude R. Lambe Charitable Foundation (Since Disbanded)

According to the Claude R. Lambe's last filed form 990-PF (2013):

  • Richard H. Fink — President/Director
  • Logan Moore — Secretary
  • Heather Love — Treasurer
  • Charles G. Koch — Director
  • Elizabeth B. Koch — Director
  • Charles C. Koch — Director

Knowledge and Progress Fund

As of their 2013 form 990-PF:

  • Richard H. Fink — President/Director
  • Logan Moore — Secretary
  • Heather Love — Treasurer
  • Charles G. Koch — Director
  • Elizabeth B. Koch — Director
  • Charles C. Koch — Director

Charles Koch Institute

According to the Institute's 2013 form 990-PF:

  • Charles G. Koch — Director
  • Charles Chase Koch — Director
  • Elizabeth B. Koch — Director
  • Richard Fink — Director
  • Brian Menkes — Secretary
  • Heather Love — Treasurer
  • Kevin Gentry — Vice President
  • Logan Moore — Director of Operations
  • Kathleen Roberts — Director - Alumni/Ext. Relations
  • Tonya Mullins — Director - Communications and Marketing
  • Leah Krohn — Instructor - MBM

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Additional Research