Malcolm Roberts

Malcolm Roberts


  • BE, Engineering, University of Queensland. [1]
  • MBA, Business, University of Chicago. [1]


Malcolm Roberts, based in Brisbane, Queensland, is an Australian Senator for the far-right fringe political party One Nation.  [1]

Roberts, a former coal miner and mining industry consultant, worked as the volunteer project manager for the Australia-based climate science denial organisation The Galileo Movement[1]

Stance on Climate Change

Roberts claims there is no scientific evidence showing that human emissions of carbon dioxide can cause climate change or that human emissions can change levels of CO2 in the atmosphere.
Roberts repeatedly claims that agencies including the United Nations' IPCC, Australia's Bureau of Meteorology and the country's Federal-funded CSIRO science agency are guilty of corruption. He has also said that he believes international banking institutions are behind “climate fraud” and that a 1992 United Nation's document to promote a global approach to sustainable development - Agenda 21 - is part of a campaign for “global governance.” 
  • “Logical scientific reasoning and empirical scientific evidence proves human CO2 cannot affect global warming.” [2]
  • “Carbon dioxide levels in air are a consequence of temperature, not a cause.” [2]
  • “Ironically, burning coal simply returns carbon to carbon dioxide from where it came during formation of massive forests that later formed coal. Burning coal though cannot raise CO2 levels as levels are determined by Nature.” - The Galileo Movement Carbon Dioxide Facts document. [3]

Key Quotes

Some people say that the claim that human CO2 causes global climate change is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated. It’s not. It’s arguably the third biggest fraud. Investigating the drivers of climate change corruption leads to the same people who are perpetrating the second biggest fraud being creation of money out of nothing and the most destructive fraud being antihumanism. Investigating those scams leads to the international bankers as their perpetrators and primary beneficiaries. CSIROh! document, appendix 1[4]
The UN IPCC’s unfounded core claim about human CO2 is part of UN Agenda 21 campaign for global governance. - CSIROh! document [2]
The core problem is massive over-government through international bankers seeking to control. - CSIROh! document, appendix 14 [4]
NGO’s such as WWF and Greenpeace are responsible for corrupting UN IPCC reports. They falsely use and then spread political campaign material as science. Their frequent public claims contradict empirical scientific evidence. WWF is a UN agent pushing global governance and funded by major foundations connected with international bankers. Its antihuman agenda does not protect the environment, it severely damages the environment. - CSIROh! document [2]

We now know WHY they push climate fraud. They’re pushing global control. - CSIROh! document, appendix 14 [4]

Key Deeds

April 3, 2017

As DeSmog reported, After the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's (ABC) Four Courners program made One Nation a subject of an investigative documentary, Roberts accused ABC of “Nazi-style mind games.” [28], [29]

What’s your evidence for that,” asked ABC reporter Caro Meldrum-Hanna.

Roberts responded: “Um… for example, carbon dioxide… ah…  has been, whenever we talk about carbon dioxide on the ABC… um… you see on the news broadcast billowing steam pouring out, giving people the impression that carbon dioxide is both… um… colourful and it's also huge in volume when it's less than 0.04 per cent.”

December 2016

Roberts traveled to Washington D.C for a meeting with several veterans of the climate science denial community, including Myron Ebell, of the Competitive Enterprise Institute.  At the time, Ebell had been picked by Donald Trump to help prepare the Environmental Protection Agency for a Trump administration. Roberts said the meeting was a gathering of the Cooler Heads Coalition - a CEI project led by Ebell. [5]

While in D.C, Roberts also visited the Media Research Center where, according to his Facebook entry, he would be learning about “left wing bias” in the media. He would also be meeting Marc Morano to prepare a video, Roberts said. [6]

November 2016

Roberts hosted climate science deniers Dr Tim Ball, from Canada, and Tony Heller (a.k.a Steven Goddard), from U.S.A, for a series of talks in Australia.  During the visit, Roberts also released a 42-page report, repeating many of his previus claims that government agencies conducting climate change research were fraudulent. Roberts held a press conference with Ball and Heller in the Australian parliament to launch the report. [8]

Heller also joined Roberts and his party's leader, Senator Pauline Hanson, for champagne outside Parliament House to celebrate the election of Donald Trump. [7]

September 2016

In his maiden speech to the Australian Senate, Roberts called climate change “a scam” and “fraudulent.”  He said: [9]

“Here are more undeniable facts proven by data: firstly, changes in the carbon dioxide level are a result of changes in temperature, not a cause. That is the reverse of what we have been told. Secondly, we do not and cannot affect the level of carbon dioxide in air. That too is the reverse of what we have been told. That means we cannot and do not affect global climate. Thirdly, warming is beneficial—after all, science classifies far warmer past periods as climate optimums. Again, that is the reverse of what we are told.” [9]

Several climate scientists reviewed Roberts' speech, and explained the Senator had got several basic facts wrong. Professor Matthew England, of the University of New South Wales, told DeSmog: “This really is high school geography that Malcolm Roberts has messed up here. We have known about the greenhouse effect since about the middle of the 19th century.” [10]

August, 2016

Roberts was elected as a Senator in the Australian upper-house, representing the far-right group One Nation. [11]

May, 2016

Malcolm Roberts was announced as the Senate candidate for the far-right political party, One Nation. His biography set out his work in the coal industry, including as a coalface miner and a coalmine project manager. [12]

One Nation's policy on climate change reflected Roberts' own views.  Among the stated policies, One Nation would oppose all charges on carbon dioxide emissions, call for a Royal Commission to investigate climate scientists, and remove any financial help and subsidies for renewable energy. The party also has policies opposing “Agenda 21” - the United Nation's recommendations on sustainable development. [13]

One Nation would also stop “further Muslim Immigration and the intake of Muslim refugees,” “Ban the Burqa and Niquab in public places” and pledged for “surveillance cameras to be installed in all Mosques and schools.” [14]

February, 2013

In a report distributed through his own website, Roberts made a series of claims alleging widespread corruption by key Australian and United Nations science agencies. [2]

The CSIROh! report, targeting the country's CSIRO science agency, was sent by registered post to every federal member of parliament. Roberts also sent letters and emails to media bosses, scientists, science agencies and high profile journalists. The report was promoted on the website of Chicago-based climate denial think tank the Heartland Institute. [15]

August, 2012

High profile News Corp. Australia political columnist and climate science denier Andrew Bolt asked that his name be removed from a list of advisors to the Galileo Movement after engaging in an email exchange with Roberts.

Bolt asked The Galileo Movement for clarification after Roberts was quoted in a Sydney Morning Herald newspaper report saying that climate change science had been captured by ''some of the major banking families in the world.' SMH columnist Mike Carlton wrote this was “code for the Great Jewish Conspiracy.” [16], [17]

In an email to Roberts, Bolt wrote: “Two of the three most prominent and current banking families you’ve mentioned are Jewish, and the third is sometimes falsely assumed to be. Yes, this smacks too much of the Jewish world conspiracy theorising I’ve always loathed.” [18]

In a statement, The Galileo Movement co-founders John Smeed and Case Smit strenously denied the organisation was “anti-Semitic.” Smeed recorded a video message alongside his wife Suzi, a Holocaust survivor who said she had been deeply hurt by the accusations. [19], [20]

April, 2011

Roberts was appointed as the project manager for the climate science denial group The Galileo Movement, which has a central aim to fight any measures to place any price on emissions of carbon dioxide. [21]

March, 2008

Roberts was listed by the climate sceptic group the International Climate Science Coalition as attending the first International Conference on Climate Change in New York, organised by fossil fuel-funded free market think tank the Heartland Institute. [22], [23]

June, 2007

Roberts was listed as a member of the advisory committee of the Carbon Sense Coalition, a climate sceptic group established by Queensland coal industry veteran Viv Forbes. The voluntary group says “we oppose statutory limits on emissions of man-made carbon dioxide because we believe carbon dioxide plays a wholly beneficial role in our atmosphere. It is NOT a pollutant, nor does it drive global warming.” [24]


Social Media


Roberts has not authored any peer-reviewed articles in science journals about climate change. Roberts has written several reports published on his own website and through The Galileo Movement on climate change and “freedom.” 

In 2005, Roberts wrote a paper for the Australasian Coal Operators' Conference titled: “Understanding Organisational and Personal Behaviours to Sustain High Productivity and Safety.” The paper looked at the importance of understanding human behaviour to improve workplace culture and productivity in mines. [27]


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