Marc Morano embarrasses himself on BBC

Marc Morano (backgrounder on Mr. Swift Boat here) has been watching way too much Fox News.

Watch him completely embarrass himself in an interview on the BBC:


It shows the level of frustration on the part of these scientists when it comes to these continuous attacks by right-wing Rush Limbaugh wannabes like Morano.

Just as a personal aside: I never saw Morano on the screen but doesn’t he look a lot like Big Al (to avoid misunderstanding: I mean pre-war Al, the one with the big cigar and the racketeer’s hat).

Looks like Morano did pretty well on the BBC, the fact reamins that the entire alarmist arguement has been, that the science is too complicated for you to understand so just trust us, has been severely undermined. Peer review corruption, data manipulation, no actual warming for the past 10 years are serious problems. When you have a theory that has not undergone scientific scrutiny due to peer review manipulation, is based on data that was fabricated what do you really have? What you have is a stituation where the alarmist claims have severley overplayed their hand. Science is in bed with political activism.
Untill the claims of the UN IPCC are checked and rechecked by skeptical scientists we really have very little basis to proceed with any program to reduce carbon emissions. Skeptics claims that C02 levels have ben higher in the past and temperatures have been higher in the past certainly raise eyebrows as to the actual severity of the issue.

Watson tries to remain respectful, but it only lasts so long when Morano starts saying things like “we should feel sorry for Professor Watson.”

My question is: why do we have a scientist going on the air with a Republican spindoctor? Seems like a waste of time everyone involved.

Not really. He said “Will you shut up?” halfway through. How do you even do that on TV?

He would have come out better if he could have truly remained respectful by sticking to science in an unemotional way. Obviously he wasn’t going to convince Morano of anything. He should have stayed above the fray.

The “shut up” was his undoing here.

On the contrary; that was even better than the comment at the end. Morano was interrupting him and trying to hijack the conversation.

Morano’s debate technique is pretty effective. Keep smiling and laugh a little, never take anything personally, put out your talking points and disregard and talk over your opponents, but know when to give them a turn so you sound at least a little fair and never sound angry.

Give Morano credit. It was 2 on 1 and he stuck to his script and didn’t become unraveled like the other two.

The expletive at the end was an confirmation of Watson’s frustrated loss. Morano would not submit to his opponents talking points.

also - the shut up line was where Watson lost the debate. That was huge.
If you resort to anger or indignation and it doesn’t change the debate in your favor. It’s a loss.

“Will you shut up just a second?”

Overshadowed by the A**hole comment, this beauty was made by Watson at 4:48 into the video. His arrogance is extraordinary. Seconds earlier he had been corrected by Morano for pointing out that even some AGWers support banning Jones from the [IPCC] process. From that point forward Watson has obviously lost his cool and never really recovers. For an elite he sure stammers a lot.

So what you are saying is that he is a good liar. Yes, so are many second hand car salesmen. But would you buy a second hand car of this guy ? Well you might but I would make a big detour around him and so would most of the (British) audience, I think.

I dont think Morano particularly embarrassed himself. He is probably always an asshole like this. His denialsm must come from somewhere.

Yes, VJ, his job description plus some ideology added. What I do not get is that all these Moranos, Moncktons, Gunters must make the normal man in the street feel uncomfortable. When I was confronted with these characters for the first time, and without any knowledge of the issue, they creeped me out right away. What is wrong with the common sense of the general public?

This is a PR war, and this is what Morano does professionally. He is paid – well paid – to lie.

In case you didn’t know, Marc Morano was certainly involved in the Swift Boating of John Kerry.

Morano likely won, simply because his role here is to create doubt, not to convince anyone. He’s more of the type to keep supporters well fed with red meat, than he is to convince.

The average person does not know the difference between good science and bad science. They don’t know if Watson is a bumbling fool in denial as Morano smeared, or if Morano is indeed a paid ‘asshole’ liar.

Not that I think the gig is up for climate science. Fortunately, people like Morano can only play the short game on the Swifthack issue. In the end, the institutions will fight back, and in the US, I don’t think the Obama administration will allow Congress to pull too many tricks. The email issue will fade from general public consciousness, the science will continue, and the warming trend worldwide will become more obvious.

Sadly, I doubt we will do enough to avoid what calamities are coming. I already was of that opinion before Swifthack broke.

I’m still waiting for some hacker to break into the Heartland Institute emails.

What fun we would have.

I may trace some of Morano’s statements. He regularly lies like a rug on appearances stating ridiculous falsehoods in order to surprise and confuse his opponents. He gets debunked afterwards, but that doesn’t correct the long-finished broadcast, does it?

When your opponents have no ethics, they have the short term advantage. Gotta play the long game here.

mostly a very reasonable comment but I’m not sure about the word “lie” He’s not a scientist but it seems clear that he believes in what he says.

Hey Mark, who was gonna benefit big time from cap and trade? Enron. Since they went bust, Goldman Sachs is now set to cash in on the scam. Keep up the spin that big corporations are preventing legislation though, makes you look like more of hypocrite.

Morano worked for Sen. James Inhofe until about a year ago. One of roles in that capacity was to produce the dishonest document “More Than 700 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims.”

The “report” is nothing more than a compilation of disparate quotations from a variety of people. Some are scientists, and only a few are climate scientist. Many are not scientists by any credible definition.

Some quotations are taken out of context. For example, it includes Anja Eichler, Senior Scientist at the Switzerland’s Paul Scherrer Institute. Regarding the way Senator Inhofe characterizes her research study she wrote: “our conclusions were misinterpreted.” Also consider the case of Dr. Joanne Simpson. Morano quotes as “skeptical.” But he ignores her support of the IPCC recommendations.

Many are non-scientists, like TV weatherman Steve Baskerville. His credentials are a certificate in “Broadcast Meteorology.” Then there is Thomas Ring who has a degree (what level?) from Case Western Reserve University in chemical engineering. The sum and total of his writings on climate change appear to be one letter he wrote to the Marin Independent Journal.

Others are social scientists, – not natural sciences – like Alex Robson, who has a Ph.D. in economics.

The list of error after error goes on.

These flaws have been pointed repeatedly to Inhofe and Morano, but they have yet to produce a correction or retraction. So, anything Mornano has to say about climate is clouded by his complete dishonestly in producing this “report.” The report can be found at: