Meet the Devil: Hansen and Mann are "Fearmongers"

So who are the fearmongers again?


“The cycle of alarmist predictions is now well established. Not long before some new UN moot, a prominent fearmonger like James Hansen or Michael Mann will make a tremulous statement about the accelerating tempo of the warming crisis. The cry is taken up by the IPCC and headlined by the New York Times, with exactly the same lack of critical evaluation as that newspaper's recycling of the government's lies about Saddam's WMDs.” – Alexander Cockburn


What an incredible attempt to hijack public sentiment around the Iraq war. As disgusting as it is, you have to think that things have really gone badly for Bush if his policies are now the go-to meme for spinners. May the Republican be reduced to a rump.

I dunno. Would you consider it more or less idiotic than, for example:

The coming cool

David Warren, The Ottawa Citizen

Published: Sunday, May 13, 2007

…“The more I think about ‘global warming,’ in light of the most recent United Nations report, the more confident I become in averring that it is a fraud, a political stunt, a criminal imposture, that every intelligent journalist should be helping to expose.”

Since then, I have been bombarded with correspondence both favourable and unfavourable. I notice the former comes chiefly from those with plausible scientific backgrounds, the latter almost entirely from those whose ignorance of basic science scandalizes even me. …

Over-specialization is the bane of current scientific research, and there are even “experts” on “palaeoclimatology” who don’t know anything about sunspot cycles….

end quote

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