Mercer Family Foundation

Mercer Family Foundation


The Mercer Family Foundation is a 501(c)(3) foundation run by Rebekah Mercer, the daughter of hedge fund manager Robert Mercer. The Mercer family has funnelled millions of dollars to conservative causes including climate deniers like Arthur Robinson of the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine (OISM). [1], [2]

According to a 2013 study by Drexel University sociologist Robert Brulle's titled “Institutionalizing delay: foundation funding and the creation of U.S. climate change counter-movement organizations,” the Mercer Family Foundation spent at least $3,824,000 between 2003 and 2010 directly funding groups opposing climate change action. That money went to organizatons including The Heartland InstituteManhattan InstituteMedia Research Center, and Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine (OISM)[3]

While Mercer and his daughter joined the Koch brothers's political donor network after the 2010 Citizens United v. FEC, Politico reports it was Rebekah Mercer who decided they should establish their own political foundation. After becoming frustrated with the ineffectiveness of the Koch's network, the Mercers shifted their focus to their own foundation. Eventually they stopped attending twice-a-year Koch donor summits and dialled back their support of the network. At the same time, the Mercer Family Foundation nearly doubled its giving between 2011 and 2014, donating $34.6 million to 30 nonprofits including The Government Accountability Institute, which produced “Clinton Cash,” a book criticizing Hillary Clinton, and Heritage Foundation where Rebekah sits as a board member.  [4]

The Washington Post notes that the Mercer Family Foundation is so difficult to find online, that it is often mistaken for the Web site of a West Coast Mercer Family Foundation that gives small grants to aspiring math and physics students. [5]

Offshore Investments

In November 2017, The “Paradise Papers,” a trove of millions of leaked documents reviewed by The Guardian, International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, and others, revealed how Robert Mercer used offshore investment accounts to shield investements made by the Mercer Family Foundation—which helped the Mercers build a $60m war chest for conservative causes—while legally avoiding US taxes. [12]

Mercer was director of eight Bermuda companies listed in the papers. The Guardian outlined how the Bermuda companies “appear to have been used to legally avoid a little-known US tax of up to 39% on tens of millions of dollars in investment profits amassed by the Mercer family’s foundation, which funded Bannon’s book [Clinton Cash] and a who’s who of conservative groups, along with a $475m retirement fund for the staff of Mercer’s hedge fund, Renaissance Technologies.” [12]

The Paradise Papers suggest that the Mercer Foundation, which has used its investments in Mercer's Renaissance Technologies to fund its operations, was able to avoid paying unrelated business income tax (UBIT) by routing investments through an offshore company. While Renaissance Technologies's main fund is based in the U.S. it also maintained “feeder funds” in Bermuda, registered to the office of Appleby, a legal and financial services firm. [12]

The UBIT is a tax designed to prevent nonprofits from competing unfairly with regular businesses, and only applies to investments financed by debt. However, nonprofits can legally route investments through an offshore company known as a “blocker.” The Mercer Family Foundation's public IRS filings confirm it has never paid UBIT[12]

The Bermuda-based Medallion Capital Investments was set up to accept investments from American charities or foundations “closely affiliated with an owner or employee” of Renaissance. 2004 and 2005 IRS forms confirmed that the Mercer Family Foundation had sent month through Medallion Capital Investments, suggesting that it was operating as a blocker for the foundation. [12]

Stance on Climate Change

 The Mercer Family Foundation spent nearly $4 million between 2003 and 2010 funding groups that devote much of their time to stalling climate change action including groups like The Heartland InstituteManhattan InstituteMedia Research Center, and Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine (OISM)[3]


According to a 2013 study by Drexel University sociologist Robert Brulle's titled “Institutionalizing delay: foundation funding and the creation of U.S. climate change counter-movement organizations,” The Mercer Family Foundation spent at least $3,824,000 between 2003 and 2010 directly funding groups opposing climate change action. That money went to organizatons including The Heartland Institute, Manhattan Institute, Media Research Center, And Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine (OISM)[3]

The following data is compiled from the Conservative Transparency Project as well as public 990 forms as recent as 2016. See the attached spreadsheet for additional details on the Mercer Family Foundation's donations by year (.xlsx). Note that not all individual funding values have been verified by DeSmog. [6]

Recipient Total
Media Research Center $18,466,420
George W. Bush Foundation $10,072,245
The Stony Brook Foundation $9,685,826
The Federalist Society $5,950,000
Heartland Institute $5,888,000
Government Accountability Institute $5,735,000
Citizens United Foundation $3,800,000
Reclaim New York $2,925,000
Museum of Natural History $2,450,000
Donors Trust $2,250,000
George W. Bush Presidential Center $2,000,000
Heritage Foundation $2,000,000
Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine $1,875,000
Manhattan Institute for Policy Research $1,734,225
Moving Pictures Institute $1,700,000
American Museum of Natural History $1,600,000
Young America's Foundation $1,300,000
Goldwater Institute $1,250,000
Home Depot Foundation $1,100,000
Illinois Policy Institute $1,100,000
Success Academy Charter Schools $1,100,000
The Becket Fund $1,000,000
Cato Institute $900,000
King's College $900,000
Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise $800,000
The Family Leader Foundation $750,000
Center for Union Facts $750,000
Cherish Freedom Foundation $655,000
Foundation for Cultural Review $550,000
John Hancock Committee for the States $500,000
Rev the Vote Foundation, Inc. $500,000
Cain Foundation $500,000
The Barry Goldwater Institute $500,000
American Transparency $500,000
Newark Beth Israel Medical Center Foundation $500,000
Cleveland 2016 Host Committee Inc. $500,000
Berkely Earth $500,000
World Science Festival $500,000
The Calvin Coolidge Foundation $486,333
Law Enforcement Agency Fund $436,437
Mathematical Sciences Research Institute $400,000
Job Creators Alliance $300,000
National Youth Science Fund $300,000
Empire Center for Public Policy $300,000
Susan B Anthony Education Fund $300,000
Philanthropy Roundtable $290,000
Council for National Policy $275,000
The American Conservative Union $250,000
American Principles Project $250,000
Families for Excellent Schools $250,000
Cold Spring Harbor Lab $250,000
Gatestone Institute $250,000
CO2 Coalition $150,000
London Center for Policy Research $150,000
Reason Foundation $150,000
Math for America $125,000
Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change $125,000
ACU Foundation $120,000
Classroom Inc. $120,000
Mount Sinai School of Medicine $115,000
Alliance for School Choice $100,000
Walking with the Wounded $100,000
State Policy Network $100,000
Federal Enforcement Homeland Security Foundation $100,000
Patton Foundation $100,000
Lincoln Network $100,000
Columbus Zoo and Aquarium $100,000
Special Operations Warrior Foundation $87,905
Women's Sports Foundation $85,000
LPD Commission International $75,000
Historical Royal Places Inc. $60,000
Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation $55,000
Encounter for Culture and Education $50,000
American Educational Foundation Inc. $50,000
Mayo Clinic $50,000
Silver Hill Hospital $50,000
International Center for the Preservation of Wild Animals $50,000
Wildlife Conservation Society $45,000
American Association for Aerosol Research $41,000
Doctors of the World $40,000
Community Foundation of Hudson Valley $25,010
James Madison Center for Free Speech $25,000
Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute $25,000
9-1-1 Veterans Inc. $25,000
Texas Freedom Network $20,000
The Land Trust of Napa County $20,000
World Wildlife Fund $20,000
The Frick Collection $20,000
Ovarian Cancer Research $15,000
Compact for American Education Foundation $13,500
St. Judge's Children Hospital $10,000
The Rockefeller University $10,000
Massachusetts General Cancer Center $10,000
Londonderry Volunter Rescue Squad $10,000
The Fund for American Studies $10,000
William F Buckley Jr Program $10,000
The Leadership Foundation $10,000
FlowerPower Foundation $5,000
Ladies in Red $3,000
Grand Total $101,904,901

990 Forms

Key People

Rebekah Mercer — Director [7]

In addition to her role as director of the Mercer Family Foundation, Rebekah Mecer is also a board member of a number of the groups that the Mercer Foundation regularly donates to, including the following:

Location & Contact Information

According to the Mercer Family Foundation's 2014 990 form, they held the following address:

119 West 72nd Street 248
New York, NY 10069


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