Michael Mann suing Tim Ball for libel

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Update: Notice of Civil Claim now attached below

Dr. Michael Mann, Director of the Earth Systems Science Center at Penn State University, is suing the climate change denier Dr. Tim Ball and the think tank/web site Frontier Centre for Public Policy for libel - and particularly for suggesting that Mann is somehow guilty of criminal fraud for his part in what has come to be known as “climategate.”

In the interview, an anonymous questioner (“John Doe” in court documents, says this to Ball: Various government and academic agencies have whitewashed the Climategate scandal so far. Do you think anyone will be prosecuted for fraud?” Ball responds, “Michael Mann at Penn State should be in the State Pen, not Penn State.”

The Frontier Centre is a Canadian version of the Heartland Institute. The website was reportedly given an opportunity to apologize for the slight, which they declined - although they cleansed the interview of the quote featured above. (It originally appeared directly after the line: “There is a move amongst the Attorney Generals in the States to start prosecuting.”)

The suits are also stacking up for Ball, who is already facing a similar action from the Canadian climate scientist Andrew Weaver.

Ball’s last foray into the court ended badly. Ball attempted to sue another Canadian scientist, Dr. Dan Johnson, in 2006, complaining that a letter that Johnson had written to the Calgary Herald suggested that Ball had lied about his resume. When Johnson’s Statement of Defence demonstrated that Ball HAD lied about his resume, Ball abandoned the suit.

In the Notice of Civil Claim, filed on March 25, 2011 in the Supreme Court of British Columbia, lawyer Roger McConchie lays out the specifics of Mann’s complaint and then writes this:

“The defendants have been guilty of reprehensible, insulting, high-handed, spiteful, malicious and oppressive conduct, and such conduct by the defendants justifies the court imposing a substantial penalty of exemplary damages on the defendant and an award of special costs in favour of the plaintiff, in addition to an award of general damages for injury to reputation.”

McConchie goes on to make a bid for aggravated and special damages, as well.

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Go Michael & Andrew! It’s high time this pretender was put in his place.

The legal document says that Dr. Mann is suing Tim Ball, the Frontier Centre, and John Doe, address unknown.

What’s the John Doe all about? http://www.courthousenews.com/2011/03/28/ClimateGuy.pdf

John Doe is the unnamed human being who actually conducted/wrote that interview published by FCPP.

Going through this blog so adventurous & surprising for me which acknowledged me not only researching technology about ecosystem but also the report that containing legal action has taken against the director’s fraudulence.web design charleston sc

I wonder whether someone will take up the charge and sue Monckton? He has certainly heaped up enough actionable nonsense about any number of respected scientists. I’ll help to pay the legal bills – anyone else?

Lets hope that this is just one of many similar actions that will be taken.
Perhaps aggressive suits against the libelous writings and slanderous comments from deniers, and their subsequent well-publicized trials, would finally open the eyes of skeptics and deniers to their irrational and thoroughly refuted misconceptions and delusions about global warming and the need to act. Or is their ability to reason so dulled and distorted by their ideology, greed, and self-centeredness that such a realization is not possible?

According to the Notice of Civil Claim, an electronic recording was made of Ball’s interview and this recording and a text of the interview were both put on the Frontier Centre for Public Policy website. I think that’s what the suit claims. See #7 on the document.


This means that Dr. Mann’s lawyer may have a copy of this recording. That might make it easier to identify the “John Doe.”

Does the Frontier Centre have to tell who the interviewer John Doe is?

I was reading some of Tim Ball’s other interviews on the Frontier Center site.

He claims:

“I always joke about the hard sell of being a climatologist that chose to live in Winnipeg. Winnipeg was very good to me but I was born in England and I missed the ocean. One of the things that people don’t realize is that where we are born is sort of imprinted on us. For example, one of the reasons that animals can “home” is because of the magnetic field which they can detect and even we as humans have magnetite in our brains and I think we are a function of the sorts of environments in which we are born and we have a tendency to want to go back to those. I certain missed the ocean being born in England but, as I said, Winnipeg was very good to me and I really enjoyed living here.”


I read that magnetite in the brains of bats helps them detect earth’s magnetic field. I also read that people have a little bit of magnetite in their noses but it is vestigial.

Dr. Ball also complained that climate scientists frighten children. I think that children should study about climate change so they will be prepared to meet the challenges of climate change. We can’t hide this problem from our children.

Bobby Ferguson’s SPPI (the “science” site housed in a strip-mall P.O. box) has posted John O’Sullivan interviewing Tim Ball.


This soap-opera is plastered on O’Sullivan’s site, Tim Ball’s site, WUWT, etc. And they are passing the plate for poor, old, embattled Tim, a slayer of sky dragons until he barked up the wrong tree.

The Slayers seem to focus on the “joke” line instead of all the totally unsupported allegations of criminal fraud.

O’Sullivan’s site and Tim Ball’s site make a lot of claims about this case and DeSmogblog, but he is such an unreliable source it is hard to know what is true.



I have a better interview: Here is the head of the CIA’s Center for Climate Change and National Security, Larry Kobayashi. The Center is led by senior specialists from the Directorate of Intelligence and the Directorate of Science and Technology.


Recently, “Larry” was interviewed for an article titled “Our Man in the Greenhouse: Why the CIA is Spying on a Changing Climate.” Later the name of this officer, Larry Kobayashi, was announced by the Pew Center.


There are loads of great articles about how we can defend ourselves from climate change on this site.

…then just try to silence the opposition. Mann is among the most dishonest researchers in science as a whole, not to mention climate science. He conducts science as a tool in an agenda, not as a tool to discover truth. His discredited Hockey Stick and the continuing obfuscation of the clear misuse of mathematics and statistics (not to mention “tricks” to hide inconvenient declines in proxy temperature and his and his colleagues’ refusal to be transparent in their use of data and the code to generate their results) is so clear as to merit wholesale condemnation by the whole science community. But true to form, he resorts to frivolous lawsuits to distract from the real issues of his misconduct. What a scam. Too harsh? So sue me.

Dr. Mann is suing the Frontier Centre, Tim Ball and the interviewer John Doe. Has anyone said who the John Doe is? http://www.courthousenews.com/2011/03/28/ClimateGuy.pdf