Monckton lies to AP, denies he called clean energy advocates “Hitler youth”

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Despite video evidence, Christopher Monckton stated in an interview yesterday with Associated Press:

“It was not I who called them Hitler Youth. It was three Germans and a Dane in the audience.”

It would appear that a more appropriate title than “climate denier” for Monckton, might be “reality denier.” For Monckton to now deny what he has admitted repeatedly on tape as doing, shows just how willing he is to bend the truth.

Here’s the video (again) of Monckton calling young climate change campaigners the “Hitler youth”:

After lying to Associated Press about his Hitler youth comments, Monckton then proceeded to compare the climate activists to Adolf Hitler’s fascist army, saying the activists were attempting to stifle free speech, using tactics “last seen here when the Nazis occupied Denmark.”

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You’re defending this bunch of self righteous punks shutting down a meeting and shouting down the speaker?

This isn’t a demonstration, It’s a strong arming and a shutting down of peaceful assembly. It’s anti democratic. Hitler would rather enjoy the whole spectacle.

“Hitler Youth” fits as a description of this activity.

Monckton clearly meant he wasn’t the FIRST to call these troublemakers “Hitler Youth”. He was repeating someone elses apt description, much as I am now. I didn’t come up with it.

and you’ll see very obscure, duplicitous and deceptive campaigning and execution at every level leading to … well, I won’t spoil a good story about a True Cult but it’s revealed in meticulous detail in ‘Climate Cover Up: the crusade to deny Global Warming.’

It’s a great stocking stuffer and I highly recommend you add it to your christmas list!

that’s a point.

maybe I need a new label for them. I’m open to suggestions

“Climagoons” has a certain appeal.

I define “climagoon” as an overzealous CO2 protester, who in his shortsighted, self righteous zeal tramples on the right to free speech of others. Some “climagoons” may be inclined to throw rocks.

What would you call them James if they had come out in favor of your cause (which you deny having - still above the fray, uh?).

These demonstrations show one thing though: by and large European youth has not been misled by denialist bs.

And what I saw of them they were largely peaceful except for a core group that the Danish police tried to isolate from the rest with predictable results.

Moncton is right, and you, DeMelle, are wrong. Can you not tell the difference in speech? Moncton talks like a Canadian or American. The person labeling the rabble-rousers as Hitler youth sounds like a Brit to me. By the way, the Brit was absolutely right in all of his comments.

Certainly has shown the comparison to hitler youth too accurate for comfort. Thousands throwing bricks, smashing property, shouting monotonous chants, disruptic opposing points of view, while understanding nothing about the issue. Just a bunch of automotons fueled by the ends justifies the means rhetoric and lashing out violently.

When you have a relgious ferver that attacks everything that emitts C02, it becomes a very dangerous. When we shut down all the factories and automobiles, will these people target the biggest emitter of c02 on the planet, namely human life?

Already we have a global warming group in britain that is supporting efforts to prevent breeding in Africa. We are a long way now from a nazi like movement but all the elements are in place for some fanatical leader to take advantage of these deluded youth.

“global warming group in britain that is supporting efforts to prevent breeding in Africa.”

Who would that be?

Are you trying to say that someone is pushing — gasp – birth control in Africa?

I see you are still diluting the atrocities of the Nazis.

How goes your petition?

These are in all truth fascist tactics, to shut down a peaceful assembly. Shame on you for defending these kids. It is also quite clear that his comments are directly in regards to these people using fascist tactics– it is not an attack on say every member of Greenpeace– and you have engaged in sloppy journalism to make the connection.

So, when I’m at a political event, and some young Conservatives show up and start deliberately chanting so loud so as to make the speaker impossible to hear (as they do do), am I supposed to label them as fascist? Or do I label them as Nazis? Or how about ‘rude’?

I hear those Nazi fascist Greenpeace freedom-haters were defacing our Parliament last week. 20 were arrested.

And not too long ago we had some Nazi fascist budding terrorists stand up in the House gallery and disrupt Parliament with chanting!

Oh, why do these Hitler-worshiping radical commie-fascists hate freedom so much?


Monckton demonizes good science, and falsely defames scientists. He’ll be out there burning books any day now.

Who’s the fascist?

Yeah, sorry pal you rarely if ever see a group of conservatives disrupt a meeting. But you do see radical environmentalists block peoples access to work. Attack police and innocent bystanders, destroy public and private property etc…

This could have been exmbarrasing for Monckton but it hasn’t been as the label he uses accurately describes the conduct. (As a result you have seen scant mention of this outside of desmog)There we’re over 1,000 arrests! How many do you think were not caught? These same tactics have been applied here in canada by trying to start a riot in our parliament, disrupting elected officials, costing people work by blocking access to their factory etc…

REad a history book this is how the fascist movement started out, the paralells are extremely frightening. Right down to attempts to dehumanize people by calling them deniers this movement has gotten way out of hand. Even on this blog I have seen people wish for a day when all old people are dead so they can implement a green policies and advocate hate crime legislation for sceptics.

You are allowed to enjoy freedom of assembly and publically express your opinion. You are not allowed to revoke those rights from others. That is not democratic conduct.

/Yeah, sorry pal you rarely if ever see a group of conservatives disrupt a meeting./

The problem with the Hitler youth tactics of the environmentalists pictured in that video is that it is too similar to the Hitler youth tactics of the conservatives who shut down vote counting in Florida 2001, to close to the Hitler youth tactics of the conservatives who populated Congressional town halls this summer.

I originally took personal offense at Mockton’s comments, as I thought he was talking about all green activists. Now that I saw the video I’m offended that these nuts are giving all greens a bad name.

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