More Evidence of Global Warming in the Arctic

Canadian researchers are concerned about artic ponds that are quickly evaporating and global warming is said to be the cause. These ponds, that date back thousands of years, are shrinking and even drying up at an accelerated rate which will have highly detrimental effects on the surrounding ecosystem. Larvae, which feed on the ponds, provide nutrients for animals in the area as well as mammals that rely on the pond for drinking water.

This is one of many indicators that man made greenhouse gas emissions are rapidly altering the landscape of the artic including thawing permafrost, melting sea ice and temperatures that according


I read this article in the Globe and Mail. Are the authors simply offering their opinion or have they published a peer-reviewed paper on the subject?

There are *millions* of these ponds in the Arctic, and they studied 24 of them. Unless the authors are climate scientists (sorry, professor of geography doesn’t count), then they are not qualified to ascertain that the cause is AGW.

To quote:

“John Smol (Professor of Biology at Queen's University and holder of the Canada Research Chair in Environmental Change) and Marianne Douglas (Professor of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences and Director of the Canadian Circumpolar Institute at the University of Alberta) will publish their startling conclusions next week in the on-line Early Edition of the prestigious journal, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).”

Is there any normal, natural phenomenon that some brilliant academic won’t try to releate to the “great global catastrophe”? When I worked on Ellesmere Island PGW** (1950-51) I saw lots of those sloughs - some with water and some dry. Being a prairie boy accustomed to the ways of sloughs, I never gave it any thought. Periodically going dry, depending on initial depth, seasonal rainfall and seasonal temperature is what sloughs do. BULLETIN: There is new evidence that global warming is causing, not only an increase in hurricane activity, but high rates of marital infidelity and a plague of adolescent acne. Al Gore is investigating for the nominal daily fee of $100K ** pre global warming