More PR Insight from an Early TASSC Master

Here's a great 2001 essay from the peer-reviewed American Journal of Public Health,  exploring the background of The Advancement of Sound Science Coalition (TASSC) and the effort by tobacco giant Philip Morris to build a coalition of corporations willing to launch an attack on any science that might lead to government regulation.

One of the authors, University of California at San Francisco cardiologist and professor of medicine Stanton Glantz, said during a session of the SEJ today that the TASSC scientific advisors have turned into “multi-pupose naysayers,” and “now they're mostly working on climate change.”

He recommended that any time you hear about a scientist denying climate change (or any other significant public health or environmental threat) that you plug their names into the tobacco papers website that he maintains at UC San Francisco: We tried Steve Milloy and got 103 hits.


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The Current: Part 2

Terry Tamminen Feature

Last week the federal government finally released its much-hyped Clean Air Act to cautious praise from business and industry, and denunciations from the opposition and environmentalists.

We heard from Matthew Bramley of the Pembina Institute voicing an-oft heard sentiment late last week. The Conservative government vowed to cut greenhouse gas emissions by about half from 2003 levels by 2050. That’s in contrast to new legislation in California, which has its sights on 80 percent reductions from 1990 levels by mid-century. The politician pushing such enviro-friendly legislation stateside? Recovering Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Yep, the same tough-talking, Hummer-loving Republican governor Arnold Schwarzenegger who once derided California Democrats as girlie men now he’s partnering with many of those same Democrats to pass legislation that warms the mossy cockles of tree-huggers’ hearts. And it has Canadian environmentalists doing some California dreaming. This in a state with the world’s seventh-biggest economy and 26 million cars, many of which are sitting in smog on a jammed freeway at any given moment.

One of the main drivers behind Mr. Schwarzenegger’s rise to the title of green governor has been Terry Tamminen. He was part of Schwarzenegger’s team in the 2003 recall election, then became secretary of the state’s Environmental Protection Agency and then the Chief Policy Advisor to the Governor…a post he held until August. He’s now working on Schwarzenegger’s re-election bid and promoting his new book, Lives Per Gallon: The True Cost of our Oil Addiction. Terry Tamminen joined us from a studio in Santa Monica, California.