The Nation’s Must-Read Article “The Dirt on Clean Coal”

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Ari Berman’s must-read article “The Dirt on Clean Coal” upholds The Nation’s proud reputation for investigative reporting which separates it from most mainstream outlets, posing relevant questions and actually attempting to find answers to them.

Berman asks the critical, overlooked question of the day, “Can the same people who told us that global warming didn’t exist–or that it was a good thing–suddenly be trusted to help solve the climate crisis?”

As you might guess, the answer is a resounding “no.”

Berman details how the coal industry - through its $40 million Astroturf campaign by the front group “American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity” - is working feverishly to fight Congressional efforts to limit greenhouse gas emissions, hoping to ensure that the world’s coal supplies – and the climate – continue to burn for decades to come.
Tracing the long history of energy industry propaganda, Berman shows how the P.R. machine behind the coal industry’s big lie hasn’t changed at all.  “Although the message on coal has changed, many of the actors–and their actions–remain the same.”

Reminding readers that, “of the country’s 616 coal plants, none are carbon-free or close to it,” Berman even gets a “clean coal” expert to admit that it’s all a farce.  Ted Venners, the founder of Evergreen Energy - a Colorado-based company that refines dirty coal into slightly less dirty coal - tells Berman that “even after the process of cleaning coal, it’s not clean.”

“Clean coal,” Venners admits, “is an oxymoron.”

Straight from the horse’s mouth.

Read Berman’s article here: “The Dirt on Clean Coal”

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I love it!  Clean coal IS an oxymoron.  It is so refreshing to hear it said!  Well we can also go back to the 60’s when the stores closed earlier in the day (no lights) or we all went to bed closer to 10pm (no lights) and drove only one car in the family.  It that practical?  NO!  Should you conserve in as many ways as you can (turn off that light when you leave the room)?  Yes!  The way I look at it is that with my mini van I can carry 3 months worth (and more) of Costco items in my car thereby making only one trip every 3 months or so.  I couldn’t do that in a mini cooper nor would it work well for the family Real Estate business!


Can there even be such a thing?  I agree, the concept of clean coal is an oxymoron.  Berman’s investigative reporting in his areticle, “The Dirt on Clean Coal” should be commended.

Ok, I am getting sick of hearing about clean coal…there is no such thing.  When are they finally going to relaize that we need to stop messing with coal and start using actual sources of power that are clean…wind, solar and hydroelectric sources.  Heck, they even have dance clubs now where the material of the floor it’s self is designed to produce energy as people walk/dance on it.  The tech is there…you just have to wrap it around new applications.

“Clean Coal” is just another pipe dream and a way to keep things the way they are instead of actually making progress.