National Centre for Policy Analysis: don't fight climate change, build big seawalls instead has a piece today that hightlights how desperate someNCPA's Streling Burnett people are to continue to spin the climate change story. The piece titled, “Free Market advocate says fight effects, not global warming,” quotes Sterling Burnett, a Senior Fellow with the National Centre for Policy Analysis (NCPA), as saying:

“People assume that the science is sound and leap to the conclusion they must do something, and they know what select something to do, when it’s not so clear what we should be doing,” he said.

Unfortunately for Burnett’s argument, the scientific consensus is clear on what we should be doing: burning less fossil fuel.

As for Burnett’s solution to climate change:

“Why not just stop building along the coasts, he [Burnett] asked, or build walls to prevent the flooding, which would cost Americans less than enacting the Kyoto Protocol.”

In other words, ignore the science and the proposed solutions, just deal with the effects, build big seawalls and wear more sunscreen, and everything will be fine. Scarily, this sounds a lot like Ronald Reagan’s proposed answer to the o-zone hole being to “wear sunscreen and a baseball hat.”

It is this is the type of shortsightedness you would expect from an oil-money backed “think” tank like the NCPA and Burnett whose most recent claim to fame was comparing Al Gore to the Nazi Propagandist Joseph Goebbels.


If my financial advisor told me that I didn’t need a college fund for my kid, rather I could just pay for it when she goes to college, I’d fire the idiot.

That’s the advice the denialists are giving - don’t plan now, pay when it happens. When will someone prominent point this out (hint)?