New Danish Government Axes Bjorn Lomborg's $1.6 Million In Funding

Finally, a vestigial government-funded program actually worth cutting gets taken out as Denmark's new regime change is opting to excise Bjorn Lomborg's $1.6 million in funding for his Copenhagen Consensus Center.

“It’s been very strange that particular researchers have received special treatment due to ideology. We’re going to run fiscal policy differently,” said Ida Auken from the Socialist People's Party.

Lomborg is notorious for touting economic woes pertaining to the costs of mitigating climate change. He has often suggested that it is either too expensive to tax carbon and cap emissions to solve climate change, except when he was advocating his 1900 robotic ship army idea to spray sea water and ameliorate warming through geoengineering.

Either way, the almighty free market that laissez-faire economists pray to has spoken (Lomborg's movie 'Cool It' raked in all of $62,713 in box office sales), and it's out with excessive climate-denier-mobiles. It's like the irony is killing…off his program. Literally.

“Our starting point is that money which is given to people who do not agree that there are climate change problems should be chucked out,” stated Social Democrat environmental spokesperson Mette Gjerskov.

In response to the news, our friends at the Carbon Brief noted about Lomborg's funding loss, “that's a lot of tight t-shirts.”



Lomberg got government funding for his blathering – I never imagined! What a ratio: $1.6 Million from the Danish government, $62 Thousand in sales.

This is great news. The previous government appears to have towed the right wing agenda in promoting deniers & liars for hire. Unfortunately Lomborg will ply his deception trade elsewhere, as there is never a shortage of gullible people out there for his type of messaging.

I see the new government is going to hit it hard with their cleantech options.

  • Actual legislation on CO2 targets and reduction rate - CO2 emissions reduced by at least 40% by 2020
  • Half of electricity from wind and biogas produced from all major agricultural manure by 2020
  • Fossil energy replaced with renewable energy in electricity and heating sector by 2035
  • Gross energy consumption to be reduced by at least 40% and fossil energy for transport phased out by 2050
  • Accelerated construction of planned off shore wind farms, new near-shore wind farms and new turbines on land
  • Increased energy saving requirements of energy companies and increased funding for energy research and development
  • Accelerated energy renovation of public buildings and public housing
  • Copenhagen road paywall, investment in improved public transport, accelerated infrastructure for electric cars and a tax on flight tickets

Good for them. Even if half of this is achieved, it’s a massive turn around for a country that was tetering towards economic doom with no prospect of turn around.

“They forgot to put in the part about a flying car in every garage by 2025.”

Well that sort of propulsion or any sort of planetary propulsion outside of mars isn’t going to happen with old school neanderthal fossil fuel energy is it?

A lot of the technology we probably could have had by today has been held up or suppressed by the fossil fuel industries and governments.


“We’re going to run fiscal policy differently,” said Ida Auken from the Socialist People’s Party.”

Oh, I bet they will – with the predictable results.

I guess this is what they do to enemies of the state, who don’t conform to socialist ideology.

Oh nooo, it’s reds under yer beds eh David? Can be any worse than the previous right wingers that ran their country into the ground & employed deniers & liars for hire.

The new government have a big job ahead of them fixing up the economic shambles the conservatives created in the past 10 years. Creating a clean tech economy is a good first step.


“The new government have a big job ahead of them fixing up the economic shambles the conservatives created in the past 10 years.

Please tell us, Phil, in what way is Denmark’s economy any more of a “shambles” than other European countries?  If anything, compared to the rest of the EU, they’ve done fairly well.  Then again, I’m merely going by the widely available and undisputed facts and figures.

“Then again, I’m merely going by the widely available and undisputed facts and figures.”

You could have provided a link for those “facts”, but chose not to. It was just sooo good that the people voted them out eh?


“We need socialist parties to make us remember why they suck so much.”

Ralph, you might be waiting a long time buddy…… because they are social democrats that practice the “Third Way”, or centrism. Others you may have hear of that practiced the 3rd way of recent note are the Clinton government. The Blair government & the Hawke, as well as current Labor/Gillard government in Australia.

Many political pundits I’ve seen believe that these governments are more like the Conservative governments of yesteryear & many of the current conservative governments like in Australia, Canada & the USA are actually right wing now. Hence why many conservatives in these countries see the conservatives in Europe as not really  conservatives anymore. By conservative they mean right wing.

“Thanks Denmark for taking the sucker punch for the rest of us. I hope the rest of us can learn from your upcoming economic contraction.”

Well you don’t have to wait too long Ralph, we practice the 3rd way here in Australia. Debt is 26% of GDP & we have 5.1% unemployment. None of our banks failed.[email protected]/mf/6202.0


“the famous evenhandedness of desmog coming through in the picture selection.”

On a blog that opposes Lomborgs stance, you expected a picture of him hoisted upon shoulders, with great crowds waving banners saying “Lomborg the great!” or some such thing?!

You don’t check out WUWT much do you?

I didn’t see your complaint about  Al Gores photo. Or the dozens of other ones with him breathing fire onto our planet.