New Look Launched

And here it is: the new and improved DeSmogBlog.

We've been busily working behind the scenes to bring this new format to our readers. We're really excited about it – both for the sharp, clean look, and for the increased functionality that we've included. If you're reading this post in an RSS reader, or via Feedbliitz, be sure to click through so you can check it out.

In case you're interested, what follows is a quick explanation of what you can do with this new site (beyond reading our daily coverage about climate change spin, of course).
  • On the Homepage, you'll see that we've changed things up. There is now a top story, which will change regularly. Below, in the left-hand column, are the most recent posts by our writing team. The middle column will feature a rotating selection of interesting tidbits, like videos we've found, or audio we've posted, as well as other things, like featured skeptics. The far-right column is home to our bookshelf, some links to friends, hot posts, and a sign up for our new DeSmog Detectives.

  • At the top of each page, under the banner, you'll see a little link labeled “Quick Find”. You can click that to quickly expand the directory right inside the page you're viewing. If you'd prefer, you can also navigate to the Directory. We created it to make it easier for you to find the information you need, whether you're a reporter, a student, or just looking for ammunition for a discussion with your colleague who doesn't believe in climate change!

  • Similarly, we now have a Media Centre. This is your launching pad if you're a journalist new to the site.

  • We've included links at the end of each post, to make it easier for you to bookmark interesting articles. You can either post them to Digg or, or you can use the new system built right into our website, which will allow you to save all your favorite articles for later viewing. You will need to create a user account in order to take advantage of the built-in bookmarking system.

  • If you've started finding yourself noticing spin in the climate change coverage you read, and you'd like to share it with us, sign up for the DeSmog Detectives! For more information, click here.
We're pretty excited about the possibilities that the new site opens up. Please bear with us as we smooth out any bumps, and please do take advantage of the new features! If you don't find them useful, or if you need a hand figuring them out, please don't hesitate to contact us . We'd love to hear your feedback. Enjoy.


Desmog’s taking it to the next level, keep slamming the naysayers!

NEW Site looked great on all my MAC, LNX & I.E. 7 machines..

I love Drupal but Joomla is a tech, mod & programmers dream.

I have made dozens of Drupal sites and ran out of resources & time to
maintain them due to interface & scripting limits I have not run into with

Need a great blog use Drupal, need an awesome dynamic biz site… Joomla! As my
Eco-Group members grew beyond a few 100… I hit a brick wall with Drupal.

Users will love the “click & edit” interface.

Don’t worry… It is easy to Merge your Drupal design into Joomla…
something to look at down the road.

Christopher Haase (Yes, the EHS guy)

P.S. crawlers love Joomla found me first day I posted content, Woohooo! New site
ranked #1 (Yahoo, google, etc..)  within a week of posting -

Just as a point of interest, when browsing the site with javascript turned off, the Quickfind fieldset defaults to visible.

And you can’t post without cookies turned on - the math question always fails. But it _does_ look nice :)