The 100 Year Letter Project: Adam Siegel

We asked friends of DeSmogBlog to write a letter to their great, great grandchildren about their vision and hopes for their world in 100 years, in the context of global warming. Here's what blogger Adam Siegel said:

Dear Great-Great Grandchild,

With each passing day, I realize just how much I've stolen from the heritage that we should have left behind for you.

The magnificent collection of biological materials in fossil fuels that we, I know it is crazy, burned up to pollute rather than to husband these rich resources for making into products that, well, I can't even begin to imagine.

But, rather than guilt, I wish to speak across the generations of hope, of seeing and creating possibilities. You are half-way there in the guiding principle for my life today: think not for seven years, but for seven generations.

This is a wise way to consider the world.

Realizing the errors of my 20th century youth, I and millions of others began to transform ourselves and our societies at the beginning of the 21st century. It is a long and hard struggle, with triumphs and tribulations along the way, to create a meaningful path forward.

Now you, three generations removed from me, have the opportunity to look back at how you arrived at where you are. And, you have the privilege and responsibility to look forward seven generations, as I strive to do.

May you, with great joy, find fruitful success in creating a path which will make the world of seven generations hence ever better than the one you live in yourselves.

Great-great Grandad,

Adam Siegel