Norman Rogers

Norman Rogers


  • B.A. Physics U.C. Berkley
  • M.S. Physics University of Hawaii

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Norman (Norm) Rogers is a Policy Advisor at the Heartland Institute. Norm Rogers received a B.A. in Physics from the University of California at Berkley and a M.S. in Physics from the University of Hawaii. Following his education, he “held a variety of engineering and computer programming jobs with IBM, Hewlett Packard and other companies,” according to the Heartland Institute. [1]

Norm Rogers is the author of, which lists Wikipedia as a “site promoting global warming alarmism,” in a section of the website. On the site’s homepage, Rogers notes that he’s “been studying global warming for about 6 years as a retirement project,” and has “a strong background in physics and computers and [is] able to follow the science involved.” [2] , [3]

Stance on Climate Change

Global warming is a political movement disguised as a scientific movement.” [7]

Global warming scare stories are good for global warming science because the scare stories promote research funding.  If it weren't for the scary predictions these scientists would be toiling in a poorly funded and obscure branch of academic science.” [6]

The increase in temperature predicted by the global warming computer models is about 3 degrees Celsius. This isn't very scary, so the promoters of global warming alarmism come up with additional scare stories. For example, there will be more hurricanes, the ice caps will melt, the polar bears will die, the oceans will become acid and kill the coral, and weather will become more extreme.” [6]

Controlling our own carbon dioxide emissions accomplishes practically nothing if the Chinese and Indians don't control theirs. They play along as long as it seems profitable. The Chinese and Indians are like the natives who happily attend church services as long as the missionaries are giving out free dinners.

Green electric power from windmills and solar energy is impracticable.  Its expensive and due to the erratic nature of sunshine and wind, solar and wind power must be backed up by duplicate power plants or by energy storage systems that are as expensive as duplicate power plants. It sometimes seems that the advocates of solar power don't realize that the sun does not shine at night. The much acclaimed Kyoto Treaty for the reduction of CO2 illogically does not give CO2 reduction credit for CO2-free nuclear power plants, something put in the treaty in response to green lobbying.” [6]

Key Quotes

I’ve discovered that if a person is committed to green ideology it is very difficult to change their mind about global warming alarmism. This is true even if they are technically qualified and able to understand scientific arguments. You can’t change their thinking because their thinking is faith based. In other words they have come to believe in a green religion. Even though these believers could have a green religion without global warming they are very reluctant to let go of global warming because it is a justification for other tenets of the green religion like using less energy. However scientific arguments and facts are very important for informing people who are open minded on the subject of global warming.” [2]

There are very eminent older climate scientists, like Richard Lindzen and Roger Peilke Sr. that are publicly critical of the green doctrine. These are scientists who are so accomplished and established as to be immune to retaliation. Mid-career climate scientists, like Roy Spencer and John Christy, both from the University of Alabama Huntsville, are critical of global warming doctrine and have done very important scientific work trying to point the science in a sounder direction. But most of the critics of global warming alarmism come from related fields of science, for example meteorology, engineering or physics.” [2]

Key Deeds

July 7 - 9, 2014

Norm Rogers was a speaker at the Heartland Institute’s Ninth International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC9) in Las Vegas, Nevada. [5] 

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Other Affiliations

  • American Geophysical Union [4]
  • American Meteorological Society [4]
  • National Association of Scholars — Board of Directors [4]


Norm Rogers has not published any peer-reviewed scientific literature according to Google Scholar, Skeptical Science, or search engines.


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