North America's heat wave: let the PR spin begin

It's getting hot out hereThe Globe & Mail, Canada's national newspaper, and many more across North America, is reporting today on the recent heat wave to hit most of the US and much of Canada.

The Globe reports:
The hot weather seems to be part of a longer-term trend of above-average temperatures. Last month, Environment Canada said this spring was the warmest Canada has experienced since modern nationwide record-keeping began in 1948. This followed a winter that was also the hottest on record. Except for the springs of 2002 and 2004, temperatures have remained above normal in Canada for the last nine years.
Of course, to say this is the latest in a series of extreme weather examples of global warming would only open us up to the typical attacks of being “alarmist” or using anecdotal evidence as proof of a scientific hypothesis.

So instead, we will just warn the media and their viewership/listenership/readership to look out for the barrage of spin that is about to occur by the climate change skeptics and the oil money-backed lobbyist who will do everything they can to delineate this latest heat wave from the issue of climate change.