North Pole Melting? No Problem!

Want a good laugh? Read this North Pole rant from well-known climate change denier Christopher C. Horner.

Mr. Horner holds forth on how the entire scientific community is apparently mistaken that the planet is warming, that polar warming is somehow related to climate change, or that north pole melting this year for the first time in history is any cause for concern.

Not that Mr. Horner has any credentials as a scientist. If fact he is a lawyer, in the employ of Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), a Washington, DC-based pro-business think tank.

For the uninitiated, the CEI is one of the more notorious thinks tanks active on the climate change file and sucked up over $2 million from ExxonMobil between 1998 and 2005. In 2006, the company announced that they were finally ending their funding for the group that apparently had become too extreme even for world's biggest oil company.

Back to Mr. Horners hilarious piece, where he deadpans that “the planet as a whole is cooling and is projected to do for decades”. Here’s another knee-slapper: “The Antarctic has 1 million square kilometers more ice than a year ago when it set an ice record.”

The so-called “Antarctic cooling” Horner refers to has been widely discredited by the scientific community, and the author whose work was taken out of context by pulp author Michael Crichton said that his work was “misused ” by Crichton.

In fact scientists this year were alarmed when the massive Wilkins Ice Shelf in Antarctica began to rapidly fall apart into the ocean. Since February, about 400 square kilometers have disintegrated and the remaining 14,000 square kilometers is now held by less than 2.5 km of ice. More alarming still was that this was continuing even in the Antarctic winter.

Scientists also announced this week they were concerned that the iconic Antarctic resident penguins could be imperiled in the near future due largely to climate change.

As for the arctic, look at this recent news coverage about disintegrating ice sheets on the top of the world. A recent study by a research group at Naval Postgraduate School , Monterey, California working with members of NASA and the Institute of Oceanology at the Polish Academy of Sciences estimate that the Arctic sea could be regularly ice-free in the summer as soon as 2013.

The changes that we are now seeing around the world are entirely consistent with climate models except for one important detail – they are happening far sooner and more powerfully than scientists predicted.

Happily, Mr. Horner himself is an endangered species – the so-called “climate skeptic”. For far too long these now these hired guns of the oil lobby have succeeded in bullying the media into the printing shoddy research and disingenuous delivery in an effort to poison the public debate around climate change.

It is telling that his latest rant did not make into the mainstream press.


* Does he have any conflict of interests?

Lindzen recieved $2500 a day from oil and coal interests for his services.1,2, 3 His article “Global Warming: the Origin and Nature of Alleged Scientific Consensus,” was underwritten by OPEC.1 Lindzen has lectured at numerous Cooler Heads Coalition meetings. The Cooler Heads Coalition is funded by CEI which is in turn funded by Exxon Mobil. He has also given talks for the George C. Marshall Institute which is also funded by Exxon Mobil. His connections to the oil, coal, and even tobacco industry are apparently rather extensive. Here is one listof many that is worth exploring. Richard Lindzen claims he is currently not recieving any handouts from oil companies.

Lindzen also has a habit of disagreeing with other people. According to SEED magazine: “His former graduate students describe him as fiercely intelligent, with a deep contrarian streak.” One of Lindzens own MIT students, Kirk-Davidoff, has said “If you want to prove yourself a brilliant scientist, you don’t always agree with the consensus,” “You show you’re right and everyone else is wrong. He certainly enjoys showing he’s right and everyone else is wrong, If you have a ten minute conversation with him, you can tell that.”

“…underwritten by OPEC…funded by Exxon Mobile…” Oh, those evil petroleum producers!

Not only that but, as a youngster in 1963,Lindzen was spotted on that grassy knoll in Dallas.

Speaking of payola (and this one is a matter of very noisy public record) what about the $250,000 that your hero, Kerry- endorser James Hansen, received from the Heinz Foundation which is controlled by Kerry’s wife. Pure coincidence of cus, of cus.

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