Not even the White House buys Avery and Singer's 'research' anymore

Here's a headline from the UK's Telegraph that we haven't seen in quite a while: 'Global Warming is Good and Not our Fault.'

I quite honestly thought we were past this, but it seems Dennis Avery and Fred Singer can still eke out a headline once in a while.

Avery and Singer are grandfathers of the climate denial industry and their antiquated 'research' spun in the name of science, is a reflection of just how long in the tooth they have become when it comes to the issue of climate change.

The Telegraph claims Singer and Avery are “leading researchers” who believe that, “global warming is an entirely natural phenomenon and its effects can even be beneficial.”

Heck, not even George W. Bush buys Avery and Singer's spin anymore. Unfortunately, though, the UK Telegraph does, or at the least thinks such a headline will goad a few more people to buy their newspaper.

Either way, as the public becomes more and more educated about the realities and science of global warming, outrageous headlines such as this and tired, old arguments such as Singer's and Avery's are likely to elicit more eye-rolling and groans than anything else.


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