NRSP Director a "Freelance Writer" for Hire

Like some not-very illusive Scarlet Pimpernel, Natural Resources Stewardship Project (Not Really Science People) Executive Director Tom Harris is everywhere in the blogosphere these days, posting comments wherever anyone is saying positive things about the recent CBC climate change documentary, The Denial Machine .

Harris has popped up here, here and again here, cutting and pasting the same batch of criticisms of CBC's reporting and attempting to salvage something of the NRSP's battered reputation.

In one comment, Harris denies earlier reports that a “confidentiality agreement” prevents him from admitting the source of his funding for the NRSP. He says, in fact, that “no such document exists.” I immediately sent him an email asking, then, if he would tell us who's paying him to troll endlessly about the internet. I will report his answer the instant it arrives.

Mr. Harris also provided a link to his “old website,” which contains an array of articles that he has written on climate change, aerospace and the nuclear industry over the past decade. It's interesting that when he writes about climate change, he says it doesn't exist, but when he writes about nuclear energy, he puts it forth as a great alternative to oil that will help us meet our Kyoto commitments. It suggests, again, that his advocacy on these matters varies depending on who's paying him to write the letters.

It's also interesting that he signs himself in all instances as “a freelance writer.” At no time that I found did he mention that he was a public relations professional or (and there's a pattern here) who his clients were at the time of writing.

C'mon Tom, fess up.


Why even debate with the nonsense sayers??!.. don’t waste your time with these morons. They’re the same people that told you cigarettes don’t cause lung cancers.. and they would sell out their own mothers while saying it if the price is right. Now its climate change and the Oil companies. Don’t let the “children of the dark” (term once used by Martin Luther King in reference to the KKK) steal the debate and distract the public from the real issue… that anthropogenic climate change is real and is now and more action is needed.. now!