NRSP Launches Nationwide Radio Campaign

For an organization that can't account for where it gets its money, the Natural Resources Stewardship Project (Not Really Science People) sure seems to be spreading around a great deal.

It's most recent spending spree involves a nationwide radio advertising campaign that would have us believe that there is “no consensus” on the reality and causes of climate change and that the Slick 60 (see our Denier Database) is actually a legitimate group of climate scientists.

Click here to enjoy NRSP PR person-in residece Tom Harris voice three 30-second flights of fancy. But while listening, remember to add the disclaimer: “This message brought to you by the High Park Group, an energy industry lobby firm that founded the NRSP so it doesn't have to report who is paying for its devious efforts at policy manipulation.”


I am sure NRSP can account for the money it receives. They are just not accountable to you and your fellow warmists, Richard.

I continue to marvel at how you castigate NRSP for refusing to divulge its funding sources and then promptly do a 180 to insinuate they are funded by an industry lobby group. If they don’t divulge their sources, how do you know where the money comes from, Richard? You can’t have it both ways.

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And speaking of personal attacks, when arguments fail:

Quoted from

“Gore, Boxer, Suzuki lead an all-star cast exploiting science. Climate Extremism: the Real Threat to Civilization”

By Dr. Timothy Ball and Tom Harris

Friday, July 20, 2007

There is nothing particularly unusual about current weather and climate change – it is generally well within long-term normal patterns. However, the public believes otherwise due to a combination of the way in which people have been taught to view nature, political exploitation of science and the hidden motives of environmental extremists. How did this happen and where are we headed if climate change hysteria continues unchecked?

(… “Don’t worry. It Natural!”)

And thankfully no one with any education takes Ball seriously. To bad the masses have no idea how out to lunch those 2 guys are.

[sniffle!] Your concern for the dumb, unwashed, uneducated masses brings a tear to my eye. Until construction of the re-education camps is complete, we should defer all judgements to the truly enlightened – and by that, I mean people like you.


Another brilliant contribution by the coward hiding behind his pseudonym. Not man enough to stand behind what you believe in?

Can you prove that you are using your own real name? What are you trying to hide?

True, I don’t have the type of courage it takes to write editorial opinions such as your own, like when give rich celebrities a lavish tongue-bath for boldly expressing entirely fashionable, orthodox views. I can’t even imagine the deadly consequences you must have risked!

Nor do I possess the moral fortitude it must require to heroically launch character assassination campaigns against 15 year-old girls. What dauntless bravery!

That 15 year old girl is being used by the CEIs of the world as a prop. There’s little chance that someone that young and without the years of academic study could actually comprehend the complex science of climate change. Sure, she could understand the basics, but she couldn’t be able to have an even-keeled discussion about climate change against such eminent scientists as Drs. Michael Mann, Gavin Schmidt, Ray Bradley, and James Hansen.

I guess you would conclude that when Suzuki does photo-ops cheerleading primary grade kids to demand action to stop climate change, it is actually a giant con. In your estimation these kids really don’t know enough to understand the complexities of climate change so when Suzuki gets them whipped up, it is just a lot of meaningless noise.

There is a saying that you shouldn’t give kids adult issues to deal with. I think of that every time I see Suzuki in action and when I see parents towing their kids along to protests of various kinds. I don’t give much credence to a 15-year-old commenting on climate change and I don’t give any to grade school kids revved up by the Lord of the Fruit Flies.

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