NRSP Team Finally Earns Publishing Credit

Just a week after I marvelled (see, NRSP: Not Really Serious People) at the low profile being maintained by Canada's newest “environmental organization” (see, NRSP: Not Really Science People), the NRSP principals, Tim Ball and Tom Harris pop up with a column - where else, but on Canada Free Press.

Ball and Harris go on the attack against Canada's Johanne Gélinas, Canada's Commissioner of Environment and Sustainable Development. Gélinas, whose job is to audit “how well the federal government is meeting its environmental and sustainable development commitments,” earned the NRSP's wrath by releasing a report in September, suggesting that the last federal adminstration had done an appalling job dealing with climate change. Ball and Harris were particularly offended that Gelinas said this:
“The Earth is warming, triggering dramatic changes in climate and weather systems around the world. Climate scientists overwhelmingly agree that carbon dioxide and other “greenhouse gases” released by human activities are generally to blame. …Experts say we need to act quickly and effectively.”
The professor and the PR man (actually, two PR men, but that's a longer post), also complained that:
Gélinas appears to have an almost childlike faith in the infallibility of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) citing them reverentially throughout her report.
So, we are once again called upon to choose either the IPCC, an international body of the best climate scientists in the world, whose every pronouncement is vetted and peer reviewed at regular and rigorous scientific meetings, or the assembled braintrust at the NRSP. That's many hundreds of incredibly accomplished scientists on one hand or Tim Ball, a man:

* who got a geography degree from an arts faculty
* who during his entire career contributed almost nothing to peer-reviewed literature, and precisely nothing on atmospheric science; and
* who has been misrepresenting himself and his credentials ever since.

If it need be said, we pick the IPCC.