NRSP's Tim Ball's Delusions Now Include Paranoia

Climate denier, retired geography professor and chair of the Natural Resources Stewardship Project (NRSP or Not Really Science People), Dr. Tim Ball, has been less in evidence lately: perhaps Canada's biggest media company (CanWest Global) is reticent to publish his meanderings after being added to the lawsuit against University of Lethbridge Professor (and defender of truth) Dan Johnson.

But apparently Ball is still chatting with the converted, spreading disinformation and (this is juicy) claiming that we at the DeSmogBlog are tracking his mail.

We have received this excerpt from a ClimateSceptics listserv which you can only access with an account. (We don't have one, but it would appear from the anonymous hits in our inbox that at least a couple of actual skeptics do.) Dr. Ball says:

They have switched from global warming to climate change because it allows them to claim any change, hotter, cooler, wetter, drier are due to human causes, specifically CO2. My career has been spent pointing out that climate changes all the time, but facts rarely deter those pushing a political agenda, especially those who are zealous in their belief. The switch has occurred because of the cooling since 1998 while human production of CO2 increases. As Huxley said, the great bane of science (and pseudo science) is a lovely hypothesis destroyed by an ugly fact.

The other problem they have is they couldn't say I wasn't qualified so they tried to attack my credentials, which evolved into more personal attacks, including attempts to claim I lied or misrepresented myself. It is never about the evidence.

As to money the Canadian government has, according to the Environment Commissioner in the Auditor Generals office, spent (wasted) $6 billion since 1997 on climate change. This spawned a vast industry of people whose jobs and often careers are dependent on this money. Ironically, Al Gore quotes Upton Sinclair in his book, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” As with most things, Gore and many others sees this applying in one direction. Somehow money from government or environmental groups is not inducing. I would be interested in comparing the amount spent on primary or even secondary climate research by the energy industry against the amount spent by governments and environmental groups.
I suspect they are monitoring and eliminating some of my emails because only certain ones are delayed in delivery (3 or 4 days) or disappear completely. I have a computer expert tracking this down and will expose it if such is the case.
There is no doubt supporters of Desmogblog see this as war and as Aeschylus said, “In war, truth is the first casualty.”
Tim Ball

We have to agree on his major point, that “facts rarely deter those pushing a political agenda.” But imagine the man trying to announce the end of global warming (or climate change, as you like), just because the hottest year in recorded history was in 1998? Once again, have a look at the attached graph and judge for yourself whether Dr. Ball's “scientific insight” cleaves more closely to lovely hypotheses than to ugly facts.

We also have to take issue when he claims “they couldn't say I wasn't qualified.” At least, I'm shocked if we haven't said it before and would like to correct that oversight directly.

Tim, you are not qualified, especially not when compared to any of several hundreds real climate experts who have actually studied atmospheric science, conducted real research or published ANYTHING in a serious science journal in the last decade or so. As for undermining your credentials, we couldn't do a better job of that than you do yourself in your Statement of Claim against Dr. Johnson. There, you confirm by your (lawyer's) own hand that while you told people you were the first Climatology PhD in Canada and that you were a professor of climatology at the University of Winnipeg for 28 years, the truth (see paragraph 9) is that you were a professor for just eight years. If readers want to also check the Dan Johnson Statement of Defence, they can confirm that your PhD was not, in fact, in climatology and that you were listed at U of W (which has no climatology department) as a geographer.

As for “monitoring and eliminating” your emails, I admit that monitoring your mail might be fun if we had the technology or the patience. But eliminating your messages would be just plain silly, given how much entertainment value your work generally provides. Regardless, we look forward to whatever your computer expert may ultimately “expose.”


To: Allan MacRae
From: Tim Ball
Date: November 26, 2006

Subject: Looks like your cover is blown.

Allan, need anymore material to cut and paste? I thought your Boris Yeltsin good looks would carry the day. Guess not.

Meet soon? Glencoe Club curling rink. Tuesday.

“Cue” Ball